4 Things Apple Should’ve, But Didn’t Do At Far Out Event

Apple far out event, things apple did wrong at iPhone 14 launch
Image by Manik Berry/Fossbytes

Don’t compare Apples to And…, oranges are not a valid statement when it comes to the tech world. Sitting on a high horse is one thing, but a company needs to listen to the people out there. Not in the “we listened, and we did” way, but addressing the serious-issues way.

Here are 4 things we wanted Apple to do, but Apple did not do at the Far Out event.

4 things Apple got wrong at the iPhone 14 launch

1. The iPhone “still” has a lightning port!

iPhone 12 Mini lightning port
Image by Manik Berry/Fossbytes

Europe is practically ordering Apple to remove lightning port, and India too is in talks about the same. Profits and politics aside, as an iPhone user, I can also say that the lightning port on my iPhone is a huge pain point.

The Apple charging ecosystem has been criticized forever now, but the company just won’t budge. Good for us if the EU and others can actually get Apple to replace lightning with type-C. However, it could all go sideways if Apple picks a MagSafe-only approach and removes the port altogether. Seeing its history of port removal (*coughs, headphone jack), it is entirely possible.

2. Notch.

A screenshot from a Samsung ad mocking Apple: iPhone 13 notch representative image
Image: Samsung

I know you need to make the Pro feel like a Pro but making the regular feel like an underdog is just not Apple. Last year’s chip, last year’s design, and the same-old, now on your MacBook too notch. Just get rid of it already!

The iPhone 14 launch event was overall a good one, but the notch thing should really be gone.

3. No ProMotion on the base iPhone 14

iPhone 13 battery life (representative image)
Image: Unsplash

There is now an iPhone 14 Max/Plus in the picture. A big beautiful display where you can watch the content you capture from your iPhone 14’s camera in all its glory. But guess what! No ProMotion! In a time when companies are fitting $400 phones with a high refresh rate panel, this is the iPhone 14 for you.

4. AirPower

patent reveals new AirPower-like charger

This one is more of a genuine disappointment. When we saw the concept of AirPower, it was just the breath of fresh air the wireless charging scenario needed. It got delayed, then scrapped, and had it not been this way, we’d have AirPower this year.

But if you want to see AirPower in action, there’s good news for you. A YouTuber made an AirPower prototype, and it functions amazingly. Compared to the regular wireless chargers we have today, it would indeed be good. On the bright side, we have MagSafe, which isn’t comparable, but you’d like it if you use it.

Did we miss something from the iPhone 14 launch?

I think these are the 5 things Apple got wrong at the iPhone 14 launch event. It indeed went far out, but all my Apple ecosystem simping aside, I think these things are everything wrong with Apple after this event.

If you think I missed something, do let me know in the comments. And if not, still let me know which of these missouts you would like Apple to fix soon.

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