8 PUBG Mobile Tips To ‘Snipe Like A Pro’ In The Game

PUBG Mobile tips and tricks on sniping

PUBG Mobile is a game that has taken the world by storm. The game has millions of players worldwide, and the player base keeps on increasing. The main reason behind the game’s insane popularity is that with interesting new modes, PUBG Mobile keeps pushing the skills of players to whole another level.

However, if there’s one skill in which most PUBG Mobile players still lag, it’s the sniping. In my opinion, sniping is an art, and most players don’t realize that. But don’t fret, as, in this article, I am going to share a few PUBG Mobile tips and tricks that’ll help you become a pro Sniper in the game.

Tips To Improve Sniping In PUBG Mobile

1. A Right Landing Place

If you want to be a good sniper, then the first thing you need to do is get your hands on one. That is because finding a sniper and all the right attachments aren’t easy; you have to choose a right a landing spot.

For that, military areas are the best, as you can find Kar98K, M24, AWM, 4x scopes, and 8x scopes easily in those areas. However, these areas are the hotspots in the entire map, so you would find a lot of enemies looking for the same loot as you are.

2. Keep An Eye On The Airdrop

PUBG players often rush towards airdrops to get their hands on the most potent weapons. You can use this opportunity to snipe them from a distance. However, make sure you watch your back because you don’t want the enemy to attack you from behind.

3. An Unequipped Sniper Is Worthless

A sniper is only useful if it’s well equipped; otherwise, it’s just extra weight. A long-range scope should be attached with a sniper for you to hit enemies from far away distance. Also, an 8x scope is helpful for long-range functionality; however, it can’t scan a wider area. On the other hand, a low-range scope helps you see more expansive areas of the map, so you should choose your scope wisely.

Other than that, you should also use the Suppressor and Cheek pad for stealth and stability. Finally, if your sniper can equip one, then use an extended quick-draw magazine.

4. Perfect Positioning

Taking a perfect position is a key aspect of being a pro sniper in PUBG. To scan a wider area and get a perfect shot from a distance, you should always aim for a place that gives you a higher line of sight. Some of those places are watch towers, mountain tops, and roof of the top buildings.

Body positioning also plays a crucial role when it comes to sniping. You may think that going prone is a perfect position for a sniper, but it’s really not. It makes you vulnerable if your enemies spot you from a distance. However, if you crouch while sniping, it allows freedom of movement — which is your best bet if you don’t want to get shot while sniping.

5. Spot Your Enemies

If you want to be a pro sniper in PUBG Mobile, then first, you should be able to spot your enemies. For that, it’s best that you keep switching between the sniper and the spotter. For instance, you can use the spotter attached with a 3x to scan the area, because a low-range scope gives you a wider vision. And after you’ve spotted the enemy, you can switch to sniper to take a precise shot.

6. Analyzing The Bullet Drops

Adjusting the bullet drops is one of the most critical aspects of sniping. If you don’t understand where your bullet will drop, then you’ll always miss your shots. If your enemy is moving, then you should always take the shot a little ahead of their current position. That is because the bullet will take some time to cover the distance. Additionally, if your enemy is at a great distance from you, then you should take the shot a little above their head because of the gravity.

7. Keep Moving

If you are staying at the spot while sniping, then you’re giving your enemies a chance to ambush you. So, even while sniping, you should always keep on the move.

8. Be Invisible

It’s not easy to get your hands on Ghillie suit, but it is a real game-changer. You can become invisible by crouching between bushes and take shots without worrying about enemy spotting you. By the time they’ll realize that you’re hiding in the greenery, they will be dead by one your shot. 

Become A Pro Using These Sniping Tips On PUBG Mobile

No matter how much you hate snipers in PUBG Mobile, you must agree on the fact that sniping requires an insane amount of precision. That is why being patient and knowledgeable is the key to becoming a sniper God in PUBG. And I hope that the above-mentioned PUBG Mobile tips and tricks will help you improve your sniping skills.

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