25 Best Anime Series On Netflix To Watch Right Now In 2021

best anime on netflix

Despite having a bad reputation, Japanese anime has now become a major television genre with millions of anime fans all around the world.

More often than not, there is at least one anime series for everyone. To be honest, you can’t help but appreciate the fantastic artwork and character arcs. You can now watch these best anime series and shows on Netflix.

And there’s a massive list of anime genres to choose from. From action-filled sci-fi thrillers to romantic and emotional slice-of-life dramas, Netflix has a great catalog of anime that just continues to grow.

If you love binge-watching shows, we highly suggest trying out some of these top anime series on Netflix.

25 Must-Watch Anime On Netflix

Note: Some anime on Netflix are restricted for viewing in particular countries

For people in a hurry, here are our top picks for the best anime series to watch on Netflix right now.

S.NOAnime SeriesGenreEpisodesLast Aired
1Full Metal Alchemist: BrotherhoodAdventure, Fantasy, Drama642011
2Hunter x HunterShounen, Fantasy, Action1482019
3Steins; GateSci-Fi, Thriller242011
4Haikyuu!Sports, School, Drama852020
5Mob Psycho 100Action, Comedy, Slice of Life, Supernatural252019
6Demon SlayerAction, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Supernatural262020
7Assassination ClassroomAction, Drama, Supernatural472016
8Your Lie in AprilRomantic, Drama222015
9One PiecePirates, Adventure, Action957Running
10JoJo’s Bizarre AdventureAction, Adventure1522020
11Re-Zero: Starting Life in Another WorldDark Fantasy, Adventure, Psychological40Running
12Death NotePsychological, Crime Thriller372008
13One-Punch ManComedy, Parody, Action, Sci-Fi242020
14My Hero AcademiaAction, Adventure, Comedy882020
15ParasyteAction, Psychological, Sci-Fi242016
16No Game, No LifeAdventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy122014
17That Time I Got Reincarnated as a SlimeAdventure, Comedy, Fantasy25Running
18The Seven Deadly SinsAdventure, Fantasy77Running
19Sword Art OnlineSci-Fi, Action962020
20BleachSupernatural, Adventure3662012
21Black CloverAction, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy160Running
22NarutoAction, Ninja, Adventure7202017
23Tokyo GhoulHorror, Dark Fantasy, Thriller482018
24Devilman CrybabyDark Fantasy102018
25InuYashaFantasy, Drama, Comedy, Romance1672010

Best Anime Series Available on Netflix Right Now

1. Full Metal Alchemist: BrotherHood

FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Full Metal Alchemist: BrotherHood is one of the best anime on Netflix for fans around the world where things can’t get any darker. When the experiment to revive their dead mother goes wrong, Elric brothers pay a terrible price.

The elder brother Edward loses his leg, and the younger brother Alphonse loses his whole physical body. Then, the story follows the Elric brothers and the people around them in their dark quest to find the secrets that will help them undo the damages done.

Furthermore, the character arcs, smooth transitions, and a steadily progressing story make this much-loved Anime series an engaging watch. Finally, if you are still not sure if this anime is worth watching, search the best anime series on web, and this one is bound to take the top spot. Overall, this turns out to be an easy pick.

Watch Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood on Netflix

2. Hunter X Hunter

Best Anime Netflix Hunter x Hunter

First aired in 1999, Hunter x Hunter takes us to the strange world of hunters who are in search of fabulous riches, unexplored territories overcoming terrifying creatures.

In this anime series, Gon is the main protagonist who has set his sight of becoming the best Hunter of them all in hopes of finding his father. Now, along with his friends Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua, he takes on many threats and challenges along the way in pursuit of his dreams.

Furthermore, the new anime adaptation of the manga written by Yoshihiro Togashi comes with delightful art designs and an engaging plot.

Watch Hunter x Hunter on Netflix

3. Steins;Gate

Best Anime Netflix Steins Gate

Steins Gate is pretty much the best Sci-Fi thriller Anime on Netflix. What sets this excellent Anime show apart from the rest is its terrific storytelling. Although this is a particularly short anime series to binge on, each episode holds the key to unlocking the grand picture at the end.

The main character in this Great Anime Series is the “Mad Scientist” Okabe Rintaroa, who, along with his friends, makes cool futuristic gadgets. Their latest invention is a Phone Microwave that somehow turns out to be capable of altering the past and thus turning the whole order of the world into chaos.

Pro Tip: If you feel confused at the start, DO NOT let that stop you from binging till the end. Because trust me, it only gets better.

Watch Steins; Gate on Netflix

4. Haikyu!!

Haikyu best anime Netflix

Now settle down and take your seat, people because the game is about to start. Haikyu!! is one of the few great sports genre anime series available on Netflix. Hinata Shouyou is a junior high school student with a tremendous passion for volleyball.

Despite his short height and a lack of technical skills, he uses his athletic prowess and willpower to overcome obstacles in the game. After befriending and joining forces with his then-rival Kageyama, we see Hinata and his whole team march towards greatness in the adrenalin-filled tournaments.

So if you are a volleyball fan, just jump in right away and let the games begin.

Watch Haikyu!! on Netflix

5. Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho Netflix (1)

If you are starting out with anime, Mob Psycho 100 is a good anime on Netflix to start with. The anime series has a lot of action, comedy, drama and school kids trying to save the world.

The protagonist is an overpowered telekinesis user who is afraid to go all out, and is instead trying to build up his physical body. He is that one kid who is socially awkward, gets bullied and has no friends. Except for his master, a con-man who he believes is the most powerful of them all.

The anime series on Netflix is known for good animation.

Watch Mob Psycho 100 on Netflix

6. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer Netflix (1)

Demon Slayer has played a huge role in making anime mainstream. Its latest movie is the highest grossing movie of all time in Japan, beating Spirited Away and is scheduled to arrive in global theatres in 2021.

One of the best Netflix anime in 2021, Demon Slayer is about a young boy who wishes to turn his demon sister back into a human and kill the boss demon who slaughtered his family. To achieve his goals, he becomes a demon slayer and is constantly trying to get stronger.

Watch Demon Slayer on Netflix

7. Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom Netflix (1)

If you are looking for something wholesome yet it should include some supernatural beings, then don’t go beyond the Assassination Classroom. It’s one of the best anime on Netflix that you can tune in to right now.

The Netflix anime features an overpowered entacled monster who has already destroyed the moon, and his next target is Earth. But before blowing up the earth, he wants to teach the students of class 3-E.

The government has failed to kill the monster, so it asks the students to kill their new teacher. Students come up with new techniques every day, but how are they supposed to kill a being who can travel at Mach 20.

Watch Assassination Classroom on Netflix

8. Your Lie in April

Your Lie in April Netflix

Grab your towels because you’re going to have the blues after this one. This emotionally compelling Anime series is a genuine work of art. So, if you’re looking for a touching romantic drama, look no further. Unlike other anime series in the list, Your Lie In April is undoubtedly one of the most realistic ones, which leaves you with a sense of satisfaction.

Kousei Arima, the piano prodigy, comes across a mental breakdown after his mother passes away. Furthermore, the trauma leaves him unable to hear music and makes him abandon his passion since. Then, he meets the lovable and eccentric violinist Kaori Miyazono who forces him to free himself from the shackles of his monotonous life. Due to the inspiring storyline and fantastic music, I have chosen it as one of the best Netflix anime series.

Watch Your Lie in April on Netflix

9. One Piece


I bet you’ve heard of this one. Pirates, ships, and the rest but still nothing like anything you’ve ever seen before. Probably, even if you’re an adult coming back to anime after you’ve left it at school, or if you’re a beginner who’s familiar with at least a few titles, One Piece is a fun ride.

First aired in 1999, it is one of the best Anime series that is still on the run with the sails set as high as ever. No kidding. Most noteworthy is the fact that the quality of the plot or the indulging character arcs has never failed to impress. Almost all the seasons have been exceptionally well made, and it’s an absolute joy watching this Anime series on Netflix from the start, especially if you’ve never watched any.

Watch One Piece on Netflix

10. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Best anime Netflix

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure on Netflix is based on the highly acclaimed Japanese manga, which sold over 100 million copies. Additionally, it has influenced many of the anime shows currently on our list. The most noteworthy aspect of this famous anime series is its iconic presentation, art designs, and even writing styles.

Even more, IGN rated the Manga version a “Must Read” and Otaku USA named the anime series one of the best in 2012. Hence, binging on this classic is pretty much a no brainer.

In contrast to most of the anime world, JoJo has more than one protagonist, and the storyline distinctly follows each of their exciting paths. Therefore, the plot follows every member of the Joestar family, who comically have names that can be abbreviated to the nickname “JoJo”. Similarly, in each unique part of the story, the Joestar family, whose members use their supernatural powers take on powerful enemies.

Watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure on Netflix

11. Re-Zero: Starting Life in Another World

Re-Zero: Starting Life in Another World

Re-Zero has the kind of plot which takes a dark turn pretty quickly from the first few episodes. This psychological thriller fantasy is the best anime on Netflix for all those who like surprises. Starting from the very beginning, the show takes away all our anticipations of what is about to come and delivers something we were never prepared for in the first place.

Furthermore, into the plot, we first get introduced to Subaru Natsuki, who gets mysteriously transported to a fantasy world. There he gets to meet a mysterious beauty Satella who saves him from thugs and accompanies him while she searches for an item that was stolen from her. In contrast to some cliche plots, things take a dark turn when they are brutally murdered. Even more, Subaru wakes up to the last scene where he is now relieving a never-ending loop of events.

Watch Re-Zero: Starting Life in Another World on Netflix

12. Death Note

Death Note best anime Netflix

Firstly, Death Note one of the most legendary titles in the list. This significantly popular anime series has been a fan favorite for a long time due to it’s out and out thriller plot — so much that I’d suggest the light-hearted ones to skip this series. Because it features haunting plot twists and unforgiving characters that will surely keep you on the edge of your seats. This psychological crime thriller anime series is undoubtedly a binge-worthy title on Netflix.

The story follows the young student prodigy Light Yagami, who finds the Death Note of a shinigami (death spirit) with the power to kill anyone just by writing their name in it. With this power in hand, Light decides to be the god of the new world cleansed from evil by killing all criminals. Consequently, this turns into a game of chess between Light and the legendary detective known only by the name L who is in pursuit of finding the serial killer.

By the time you finish this Anime Series on Netflix, it will start making you question the nature of morality and justice.

Watch Death Note on Netflix

13. One-Punch Man

One-Punch man Best Anime in netflix

Right off the bat, One-Punch man might turn out to be a gem of an anime series for you. Especially if you are fed up with superhero stories. The storyline is hilariously put together with an apparent intent of being a superhero parody series. Firstly, we are introduced to Saitama, who is an ordinary and seemingly uninteresting person with the peculiar hobby of being a hero.

Furthermore, in this popular Anime series on Netflix, the main character trains rigorously for three years (and somehow loses all of his hair in the process!) to become extremely powerful. So much so that a single punch annihilates any enemy. Funnily enough, the biggest threat the hero faces is the depressing boredom owing to the lack of a challenging the enemy.

Watch One-Punch Man on Netflix

14. My Hero Academia

My hero academia Netflix

You will learn all about sacrifices and what it means to be a hero in one of the best animes on Netflix — My Hero Academia.

The shonen anime has drama, superpowers, and lots and lots of action. The story is about a young boy named Midoriya whose dream is to become a hero and save people. However, in a world where almost everyone has powers aka quirks, Midoriya is born powerless.

But one day, he meets his idol and the greatest hero of all time and everything changes.

Watch My Hero Academia on Netflix

15. Parasyte: The Maxim

Parasite best anime Netflix

This short supernatural anime series has aliens devouring humans while all the more involving romance and action like no other. Rather than the sheer battle of the survival type of plot that one imagines this to be, Parasyte on Netflix undoubtedly stands out with human psychology and magnificent art depictions.

Based on the award-winning manga series written by Iwaaki Hitoshi, this anime starts its plot from the character of the sixteen-year-old high school student Shinichi Izumi who turns out to be a host for the parasite called Migi. Consequently, this pair works together to fight the evil pests that are now taking over the place and builds up a strong bond in the process.

Watch Parasyte: The Maxim on Netflix

16. No Game No Life

No game No life Netflix (1)

Imagine a world where battles were fought by winning games. That’s the world where Sora and his stepsister, Shiro, are transported to.

No Game No life is one of the best Isekai anime on Netflix whose animation and style of battles will keep you hooked to the series. Soro, who goes by alias Blank, is the god of gaming and when he is transported to the world that revolves around games, there is no way he is going to lose.

Watch No Game No Life on Netflix

17. The Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

That time I got reincarnated as a slime Netflix (1)

If you like world building anime then here is another Isekai netflix anime for you. This one follows the story of Satoru who, after an accident, is reincarnated as a slime in an unknown world.

Not long after, Satoru, who now calls himself Rimuru Tempest, realizes that he has the skill to absorb powers and properties of living and non-living both.

Slowly but steadily, he has managed to make a lot of friends and also has a kingdom under him. While Rimuru has become very powerful, there are much stronger people who pose a threat to him and his nation.

Watch The Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime on Netflix

18. The Seven Deadly Sins

Best Anime Netflix Seven Deadly Sins1

Seven Deadly Sins is a Netflix Original series that features all that you would expect in a story of middle age kingdoms. Knights, Princesses, swords, battles you name it, they’re right there with all the glory. But don’t expect the usual cliche storyline as one episode is all enough to get you hooked.

The plot revolves around a group of disbanded knights of the kingdom of Liones surfacing once again to fight for what’s right. The main character is Melodius, leader of the group of knights called the Seven Deadly sins. Once, they were forced to flee at a time when the king regarded them as evil. But when the evil tyrants capture the King, Princess Elizabeth decides to seek help from the outcasted knights to reclaim the land.

Watch The Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix

19. Sword Art Online

Best Anime Netflix Sword Art Online Netflix

First of all, some of us do like video games, right? But what if you can’t stop playing? While in this age of evolution of the Virtual Reality arena, Sword Art Online presents a very compelling scenario. Furthermore, the breakdown of the structures of society becomes very evident in this anime series available on Netflix. Indeed, this Anime series has received a lot of praise for its art design and characters.

The two main characters Asuna and Kirito, end up playing the MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) called Sword Art Online. Soon enough, they find out that the player’s mental and physical states are trapped in the game where the only way to escape is by completing the whole 100 levels.

Watch Sword Art Online on Netflix

20.  Bleach

bleach anime

Bleach is an anime series to binge-watch on Netflix for all ages alike. The bleach anime series started way back in 2004 and continued its formidable run as a successful show till the year 2012, where it wrapped up. The series involves a jaw-dropping 366 episodes that’ll surely keep you entertained. Also, as the new release is said to happen anytime soon, now’s probably the best time to give this highly popular anime series on Netflix a shot.

Bleach tells the story of monsters and soul reapers. In the first episode, we see the main character Ichigo Kurosaki turn his normal life upside down as an ordinary high schooler when his family is attacked by a demon that devours human souls. Ichigo then sets out his journey to fet rid of all the evil that plagues the land in his new designation as a soul reaper.

Watch Bleach on Netflix

21. Black Clover

Black clover Netflix (1)

Black Clover is another Shonen anime on Netflix which has a great storyline, and character development. The netflix anime is developed by Studio Pierrot, who is known for giving hits like Naruto and Bleach.

The plot revolves around a boy named Asta who doesn’t have any magic abilities, yet he and his brother Yuno aspire to become The Wizard King who is the greatest mage of the Clover Kingdom.

Watch Black Clover on Netflix

22. Naruto


Naruto is a real classic anime series above all. This immensely popular anime set the viewer’s world on fire when it started back in 2007. It is an action and emotion-packed series with demon tailed beasts, special chakra powers, clan wars, and some top tier ninja action. Once you start watching this shonen anime series, nothing is stopping you from watching the whole story unfold into some dope ninja adventure.

The plot revolves around the main character Naruto who has his mind set on becoming the leader (Hokage) of his village by becoming a powerful ninja. But what awaits him is the mysterious and cruel ninja world filled with immense struggle and PAIN (no pun intended).

Not only is Naruto the fourth best-selling manga series in history, but the success of the series is so much that it has driven the production of the Boruto sequels.

Watch Naruto on Netflix

23. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul Best anime Netflix

In contrast to all the other anime series in the list, Tokyo Ghoul is a more violence or gore oriented anime series available on Netflix right now. Also, for all the folks who like those gut-wrenching action sequences and plot twists, Tokyo ghoul can be your go-to anime shows on Netflix. So all the faint-hearted viewers might want to give this one a pass.

The plot revolves around the city of Tokyo, which is filled with cruel ghouls out for human flesh. Furthermore, we get to meet the protagonist Ken Kaneki who unfortunately falls victim to a ghoul attack that eventually leads to the transformation of himself to a half-human/half-ghoul. Similar to the manga version that went on to become the best selling horror manga, the series is a must-watch for people who are into supernatural genres.

Watch Tokyo Ghoul on Netflix

24. Devilman Crybaby

Best Anime in netflix Devilman Crybaby

This recent addition to the vast list of anime series available on Netflix is a major head-turner. Although this horror genre anime projects an uninteresting initial impression, it offers much more than cliche demon stories. The show frequently features graphical violence and sex scenes, and there’s no subtlety involved. So, it is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea.

Weak and kind-hearted Akira Fudou merges with a demon and gains the ability to control demon powers while being in his mental state, thus transforming himself into the Devilman. Also, the crybaby mentality of his mind, of course, leaves with the title itself. Overall, this anime series is picking up pace on Netflix.

Watch Devilman Crybaby on Netflix

25. Inuyasha

Best Anime Netflix Inuyasha

Inuyasha is fun to watch anime series with a little bit of everything. It aired on television nearly two decades ago and became an instant fan favorite. This anime series available on Netflix is one of those few shows that combines both the Shonen and Shojo styles. Moreover, feudal japan is the world depicted in the series with strong resemblances to some of the Japanese mythological characters and creatures.

This epic Netflix anime series features Kagome Higurashi, who gets transported 500 years into past Japan’s Sengoku period when a demon drags her down the shrine in the well. Also, she frees the main protagonist Inuyasha, the half-demon half-human, and together with their many friends set out on a journey to find the sacred jewel that all the demons and humans are running after due to its ultimate power.

Overall, Inuyasha is the right mix of romance, comedy, action, adventure, fantasy, and horror. But some of the episodes got canceled due to its high volume of violence and horror. If you want a mix of pretty much everything, then you should definitely check this one out.

Watch Inuyasha on Netflix

Best Netflix Anime Series: Wrap-Up

This brings us to the end of the list. I would like to inform that these best Anime series on Netflix haven’t been listed in any particular order. Quite frankly, they all have their own unique flavor, hence, we don’t intend to rank them.

Moreover, we consider these titles to suit a wide variety of Anime lovers. So, one might not necessarily be better than the other. We will keep adding more to the list as more anime arrives on Netflix.

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