Top 20 Countries With Fastest Mobile Internet Speeds In The World

countries with fastest mobile internet speed

Nowadays, mobile internet is more than enough to play games, stream movies, etc. But not all countries share the same internet speed as some countries have better network infrastructure than others. So here are the top 20 countries with the fastest mobile internet speeds in the world.

Gone are the days when we had to rely on broadband internet to watch an HD video. has ranked all countries based on their median internet download speed. They have ranked these countries in terms of broadband and mobile internet speed. For this article, we will focus on mobile internet speed rankings.

Note: Speedtest by Ookla has recently changed the parameters of its global internet speed ranking. It is now based on median internet speed to represent the average internet speed better.

Top 20 Countries with the Fastest Mobile Internet Speeds

Currently, UAE is the country with the fastest mobile internet speed globally. The country has held this spot for over a year now as it is well above other countries in terms of mobile connection. The United States is ranked 23rd on this list.

RankCountryFastest Mobile Internet Speed (Mbps)Broadband Upload Speed (Mbps)
Global Average29.96 Mbps8.70 Mbps
1United Arab Emirates135.35 Mbps22.61 Mbps
2Norway134.73 Mbps18.38 Mbps
3Qatar 120.69 Mbps21.94 Mbps
4South Korea117.95 Mbps13.63 Mbps
5Netherlands108.33 Mbps15.84 Mbps
6Denmark 105.65 Mbps19.23 Mbps
7Saudi Arabia 102.79 Mbps17.55 Mbps
8Kuwait 96.23 Mbps22.05 Mbps
9Bulgaria 87.51 Mbps17.27 Mbps
10Croatia 86.48 Mbps18.79 Mbps
11China83.43 Mbps23.08 Mbps
12Luxembourg 82.85 Mbps13.31 Mbps
13Switzerland82.29 Mbps20.30 Mbps
14Australia 76.52 Mbps9.99 Mbps
15Cyprus 75.48 Mbps14.36 Mbps
16Canada75.18 Mbps9.60 Mbps
17Sweden73.61 Mbps12.90 Mbps
18Brunei 71.38 Mbps26.88 Mbps
19Finland 71.23 Mbps13.36 Mbps
20Singapore 67.99 Mbps14.29 Mbps

Notable countries and their rank

Many notable countries are featured on the list, but not everyone can make it to the top. So here are the rankings of a few major countries and their average mobile internet speed.

  • United States: Rank 23 (61.12 Mbps)
  • France: Rank 24 (60.94 Mbps)
  • Germany: Rank 28 (55.70 Mbps)
  • United Kingdom: Rank 37 (48.10 Mbps)
  • Hong Kong: Rank 39 (47.34 Mbps)
  • Japan: Rank 43 (44.05 Mbps)
  • Iraq: Rank 50 (39.90 Mbps)
  • South Africa: Rank 57 (33.62 Mbps)
  • Mexico: Rank 65 (29.81 Mbps)
  • Israel: Rank 69 (28.01 Mbps)
  • Iran: Rank 74 (24.90 Mbps)
  • Brazil: Rank 82 (22.30 Mbps)
  • Argentina: Rank 89 (20.64 Mbps)
  • Russia: Rank 90 (20.46 Mbps)
  • India: Rank 120 (13.67 Mbps)

According to Ookla, the global median mobile download and upload speeds were 29.96 Mbps and 8.70 Mbps, respectively (March 2022). Interestingly, India ranks at 120 with a 13.67 Mbps mobile internet download speed.

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