AirPods Pro 2: Apple’s New TWS King Is Here

apple airpods pro 2
Image: Apple

In the TWS segment, the Apple AirPods Pro has been the gold standard for a long time. There’s nothing that goes above and beyond quite like Apple’s uber-expensive and feature-rich pair of earbuds. To consolidate the status quo, the tech giant has just rolled out the AirPods Pro 2.

During the Far Out event, Apple unveiled its latest lineup of gadgets, including the new iPhone, the new Apple Watch, and the new AirPods Pro. While most Apple products get a new iteration every year, this is the first time its premium TWS has received an upgraded version.

The second-gen AirPods Pro had been coming long, and it appears to be a clear improvement over its predecessor. The new TWS from Apple brings important changes in areas, including sound quality and gesture controls.

apple airpods pro 2 h2 headphone chip
Image: Apple

AirPods Pro 2 Features

Let’s talk about the most important thing, sound quality, first. The new AirPods Pro comes with Apple’s latest H2 headphone chip, allowing it to produce better sound than ever. The low-distortion drivers and custom amplifier built into the earbuds make sure you get crisp and loud sound.

On top of that, the premium earbuds also pack personalized spatial audio to provide an immersive audio experience. Moreover, now there’s twice as effective Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) so that you can listen to your music while blocking out all the noise.

Coming to the design, the AirPods Pro 2 case now has a speaker that can alert about varying battery levels. This can also be used with the “Find My” functionality for locating your lost earbuds using Precision Finding. Additionally, Apple has introduced a slot for a lanyard loop to make sure you keep a good hold of your case at all times. Moreover, Apple would also ship an additional ear tip designed for size XS.

airpods pro 2 charging case
AirPods Pro 2’s new charging case (Image: Apple)

In terms of battery backup, the earbuds would now last you 6hrs listening time and up to 30hrs of the same with the charging case. There’s also an additional touch control that allows you to control volume by swiping up or down the stem (Hello there, Nothing Ear (1)!). Other features include support for the Apple Watch charger, 48kHz audio with SharePlay, and Conversation Boost for better audio calls.

There’s no doubt that Apple’s latest TWS features cutting-edge audio tech. However, this elusive tech comes at an eye-watering price of $249 and will be available from September 23. If it brings you any relief, the hefty price would make you eligible for a free “Memoji engraving” on the case.

Would you buy the AirPods Pro 2 right at launch or get the AirPods Pro at a discount? If you need help deciding, here’s a head-to-head comparison.

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