After The EU, India Holding Meeting To Replace iPhone Lightning Port With Type-C

Type-C USB 3.2 Specification

After Europe, India is going to make USB type-C a mandate for all portable mobile devices. As per reports, the Indian government is soon going to pass regulations concerning the same.

On Wednesday, the government will meet with industry stakeholders to plan and investigate the possibility of a universal charger for all electronic devices. And if it happens, it will force companies like Apple to opt for a USB-C port in their iPhones in India.

India to standardize USB C ports in all chargeable devices

After The EU, India Holding Meeting To Replace iPhone Lightning Port With Type-C
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European Union lawmakers have reached an agreement and passed legislation mandating that all electronic devices sold after Autumn 2024 will include a universal USB-C port for wired charging. And as per reports, India is planning a similar implementation. Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh will preside over the meeting to discuss the matter.

It will also be attended by manufacturers of portable electronic devices such as laptops and smartphones. The main goal of the meeting is to learn how a common charger could be adopted in India. If the meeting concludes with a definite decision, gone are the days of different charges for different devices.

Will Apple do it?

Apple would have no choice but to comply with the norms and provide a USB C port in the upcoming iPhones. However, rumors suggest that Apple plans on ditching the charging port entirely in the near future. The company might go entirely portless, with MagSafe being the only charging option.

Considering the fact that Apple removed the headphone jack back in 2016, this does not sound so bizarre. But this could be bad as MagSafe is not a fast charging alternative. Users already find Apple’s fast charging relatively slower than many android counterparts.

A significant chunk of India’s population uses Android smartphones from companies like Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, and Oneplus. These companies have already standardized a USB-C port in their devices. And it’s about time Apple does the same. If the legislation is passed, we could be witnessing an iPhone with a USB-C port as early as 2024 – 2025.

Will it impact other manufacturers?

Similarly, the impact will also be on manufacturers using proprietary chargers. Laptop manufacturers will also have to comply with the norms and standardize a USB-C port for charging. Although laptops from Apple like the Macbook Pro and the Macbook Air already come with a Type-C port, many other companies use different chargers for their laptops.

What are your thoughts on this? Should India mandate USB-C ports in all electronic devices for charging? Comment down below.

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