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Stack Overflow has released its Developer Survey results for 2019. The comprehensive survey report sheds light on programmers’ preferences and work-related stats. One of the topics in the survey is salary based on different programming languages.

Clojure has been ranked as the highest paying programming language for developers worldwide as developers received an average yearly sum of $90,000 for coding in Clojure.

The second position was occupied F# ($80,000) followed by Go ($80,000) and Scala ($78,000) in the third and fourth slot respectively.

Highest Paying Programming Languages In 2019

Highest paying programming languages
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Around 90,000 developers took part in the Developer Survey conducted by Stack Overflow. It is to be noted that there are regional variations in the pay scale for each of the languages above.

For instance, Scala developers in the US are among the highest paid, while Clojure and Rust developers earn the most in India.

Overall, programmers working with Clojure, F#, Elixir, and Rust have median salaries above $70,000.

One interesting point to be noted here is the fact that the popularity of a programming language is inversely proportional to the amount of salary compensated for it.

Java, which continues to be one of the most popular programming languages for the three consecutive years now, is surprisingly at the bottom-most position in the list with $52,000.

The low pay for a loved programming language like Java could be attributed to the availability of a large community of developers who use Java resulting in cheaper manpower.

Other equally renowned and popular programming languages like C, C++, JavaScript, and SQL were observed in an average salary group of $52,000 – $57,000.

The fastest growing programming languages like Python, TypeScript, and R found themselves somewhere in mid-range with $60,000 – $64,000 yearly compensation on average.

Which programming language do you use? What do you think about Stack Overflow’s survey reports? Let us know in the comments below.

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