The Fastest Growing Programming Languages In 2018, According To GitHub

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This year, GitHub has seen increasing enthusiasm among the coders towards “more statically typed languages” that are focused on type safety and interoperability. The top spot was occupied by Kotlin, whereas TypeScript and Rust gained a significant pace this year.

Besides these, HCl, a human-readable language for DevOps has seen twice the number of contributors using this language since 2017. Meanwhile, the popular machine learning language Python secured the 8th position on the list. There were 1.5x more contributors writing Go this year in comparison to previous year.

GitHub’s “Octoverse” roundup of activity on the code repository site brings several insights on the state of the developer world. The site has over 96 million code repositories, 21 million organizations and 31 million developers contributing to the site regularly.

Complete list of fastest growing languages in 2018:

Growth in contributors
1 Kotlin 2.6X
2 HCL 2.2X
3 TypeScript 1.9X
4 PowerShell 1.7X
5 Rust 1.7X
6 CMake 1.6X
7 Go 1.5X
8 Python 1.5X
9 Groovy 1.4X
10 SQLPL 1.4X


So these were the languages that received a lot of attention. Do check out the list of best programming languages for 2018 if you are looking for a new language to try your hands on.

In case you’re interested in learning some of these best programming languages, here are some programming courses for you. Take a look:

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