Stack Overflow Ranks Most Loved/Dreaded Programming Languages In 2019

The Developer Survey results for 2019 by Stack Overflow are out now. Like every other year, the Q&A site for coding has conducted a survey for the most loved, dreaded and wanted programming languages this year too.

Rust has been ranked as the most loved language whereas VBA had to take up the unpleasant position of most dreaded language in 2019. Meanwhile, Python, which continues to see a constant rise in its popularity, has been crowned the most wanted language by developers.

For those who don’t know, the Developer Survey is Stack Overflow’s annual report and by far the largest and most comprehensive survey of people who code around the world. Nearly 90,000 programmers took part in the Developer Survey for 2019 to share their opinions on multiple aspects related to coding and programming jobs.

Most Loved Programming Languages In 2019

Most Loved programming languages in 2019
Image: StackOverflow


For the fourth consecutive year, Rust remains the most loved programming language among developers. The love for Rust is closely followed by Python, which is also one of the fastest-growing languages.

In fact, Python even snatched the position of most-asked about language from JavaScript on Stack Overflow this year. This indicates that more developers want to work with these languages compared to others in the list.

Most Dreaded Programming Languages In 2019

Most Dreaded Languages In 2019
Image: StackOverflow

VBA and Objective-C are the most dreaded languages this year followed by a strong 75.2% and 68.7%. The position of most dreaded language here means that most of the developers who are currently working with these languages have no interest in continuing with it.

Most Wanted Programming Languages In 2019

Most Wanted Programming Languages In 2019
Image: StackOverflow

As discussed previously, Python is the most wanted language for the third year in a row. This indicates that developers who aren’t even familiar with Python yet, have expressed a desire to learn it. This can be attributed to the fact that many technologies like Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Web Development, Automation, Robotics, etc. require knowledge of Python.

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