These Are The Top Vampire Apps Draining Your Phone’s Battery

These Are The Top Vampire Apps Draining Your Phone's Battery
Image: Unsplash

Have you ever wondered why your phone’s battery is draining fast? You might have seen your phone get a little warm and the battery percentage going down gradually. Turns out a few apps you use are the reason behind your battery’s demise.

Although everything you do on your phone results in a battery drain, it’s the demanding apps that reduce your screen time. If not closed from the background, apps like Google and Netflix keep using Internet and location services. And, You might be surprised to know how many apps are slowly killing your battery.

Which apps are draining your battery?

These Are The Top Vampire Apps Draining Your Phone's Battery
Image: Unsplash

Globally the most significant complaint among smartphone users is poor battery life. Even while battery sizes are increasing, most mobile devices still have trouble sustaining one day of intensive use without running out of power. And it’s hardly unexpected given all the expectations we place on our technology.

However, the apps that your phone utilizes are what consume battery life. To provide you with the best experience possible, these apps specifically ask for the permissions listed above. You probably blame yourselves when the battery on your phone runs low. However, you might want to identify which apps and services are running on your phone and whether you’re using them or not.

This might involve anything from exploiting your GPS or Wi-Fi to accessing your camera, calendar, or contacts. After researching, Uswitch came up with a list of apps that drain the most power out of your phone. Although it’s a sizable list of 50 apps, we’ll focus on the top 10.

The apps are categorized according to their battery demand. A higher number means a higher battery demand. And the list goes like this:

Google – 72
Facebook- 50
Messenger – 46
WhatsApp Messenger – 41
Amazon Alexa – 39
Gmail – 39
Uber – 35
Waze – 34
Google Chrome – 33
YouTube Music – 33

How can you fix it?

Toppin the list is the services from Google and Facebook. These services use your WI-FI and location data that cause heavy battery drain. However, if you’re curious about which other apps are using up your power, then you can look for relevant information in the settings. Therefore, look and close any apps in the background that you don’t need because they can take control even when you’re not using them.

Lastly, We advise switching to low power mode and dismissing apps after you’re through using them to extend the life of your battery. Is your phone’s battery troubling you? Comment down below.

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