2021 Tesla Model S Refresh May Arrive Soon: What To Expect?

2021 Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S is long due for a design update. Tesla’s flagship electric sedan hasn’t really changed in terms of appearance since 2016. Now, it seems the 2021 Tesla Model S is going to receive a significant makeover.

Recently, a Model S prototype has been spotted in Palo Alto. It’s been speculated by many publications as the 2021 Model S. The car was spotted by YouTube channel The Kilowatts. Folks at Kilowatts captured a few spy shots of the Model S spotted near Tesla’s headquarters.

Although Tesla has not confirmed working on a Model S refresh yet, images suggest this is exactly what we mentioned in our previous article.

Prior to Christmas, Tesla announced extended holidays for employees of the Fremont factory. In addition, Tesla shut down the production of Model S and Model X at the Fremont factory till 11th January 2021.

At the time, we speculated based on Electrek’s report that Tesla might be planning a Model S refresh.

Anyway, since we finally have the spyshots of the new Model S, let’s discuss what changes we can expect.

2021 Tesla Model S Design Update

1. No Chrome Trims

Similar to what happened with Tesla Model 3, the 2021 Model S might receive black trims and door handles instead of chrome ones.

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2. Apparently Wider Than Before

Though we don’t have the accurate dimensions the prototype looks wider and aggressive than the current Model S. Since it had a manufacturer’s plate, it assures there were no aftermarket modifications.

3. New Headlights

You may expect a refreshed headlight in the new Model S refresh. Apart from that, the images also suggest there might be a slight modification in the rear diffuser and the wheels.

Also, the front fog lights look a bit different. However, we don’t know what changes Tesla is planning for the interior.

Still, some people who commented on the video think there aren’t significant changes in the electric car. One of the viewers, Bill Snebold, said, “If that’s a refresh it’s a pretty subtle one.

Anyway, we can safely assume that it’s the refreshed variant. However, one thing to note is that Tesla Model S Plaid is also in the pipeline and it might arrive by the end of 2021. Hence, the spotted Model S could be either the Plaid variant or the standard Model S.

Anyway, we’ll update you as soon as we receive any confirmation.

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