Cadillac's first electric vehicle unveiled launch date
Image: CNet

Cadillac plans to present its first midsize electric crossover in April. In a recent meet at National Auto Dealer Association (NADA), President Steve Carlisle said that Cadillac’s first electric vehicle would be unveiled in April.

Also, there will be the New York Auto Show in April. However, the company has not confirmed whether the electric car will be showcased in the event. There is a possibility of a dedicated show before or after the automobile event for the EV.

Cadillac’s first electric vehicle launch date

In January 2019, the company teased the electric crossover for the first time in Detroit at an event.

As per the sources, Carlisle talks about the company’s plans for its transition from the internal combustion engine to electric cars. He said that the company entered the sector as an IC engine brand, but now the company wants to position itself as an electric vehicle brand.

Earlier in 2019, we heard from the parent company, GM (General Motors), regarding its plans to switch entirely to an electric line-up by 2030.

However, there is no official news of a confirmed launch date from the company.

Furthermore, as per some other sources, Carlisle said that a good product isn’t enough.  The company looks forward to addressing the barriers in EV adoption and improving customer experience.

This is one of the primary reasons behind the delay in launching Cadillac’s first electric vehicle.


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