iPhone 14 Lenses Are Cracking But It May Not Be An Issue For Apple

iPhone 14 supply chain issues
Image: Apple

iPhone 14 release date is inching closer and most Apple fans are eager to make the next upgrade. But as per reports, iPhone 14’s production line has run into some obstructions. Renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo highlighted some of the reasons in his tweet published a while back. Yesterday, he shed more light on the iPhone 14 manufacturing obstructions.

Ming-Chi Kuo’s iPhone 14 Insights

iPhone 14
Image: Unsplash

Ming-Chi Kuo took to Twitter to share news about a lens issue in the upcoming iPhone 14. The crux of the matter is that Genius is a brand that makes camera lenses that will be used in iPhone 14. But a recent quality check reveals that their coating is cracking.

Due to this Apple offloaded 10 million orders of lenses from Genius to another manufacturing company Largan. It will make up for the faulty merchandise received from Genius. Overall, the iPhone 14 launch dates shouldn’t suffer from this small shortcoming.

Apple expects the new iPhone to topple the sales numbers of its predecessors, and for that, Samsung is preparing 80 million displays for Apple.

iPhone 14 might however drop the short-lived iPhone Mini which didn’t sell in huge numbers. It was a niche product that only some users loved. However, users prefer bigger phones now and it’s the reason why Pro and Max models sell so much.

iPhone will also sport a new pill-shaped distinctive notch design which will be present in two out of four iPhone 14 models. Why did Apple make such a decision? To keep the base models affordable and cut costs and integrate the newer features into the high-end models.

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