Meet “Steve Jobs of Robotics” – Man Who is Making World’s First Humanoid Smartphone

steve jobs robotics humanoid smartphone
steve jobs robotics humanoid smartphone

steve-jobs-robotics-humanoid-smartphoneShort Bytes: Tomotaka Takahashi, considered as Steve Jobs of robotics, aims to gift humanity a talking humanoid smartphone very soon. An associate professor at the University of Tokyo, Tomotaka Takahashi has built a lifestyle around his smart gadgets and plans to extend his robot family now.

It is no denying the fact that we are going to be surrounded by Artificial Intelligence soon. Robots engaged in our chores; you might be greeted at the reception by one of those in the near future. But the question is how near is that near future, how soon?

Tomotaka Takahashi, a roboticist and an associate professor at the University of Tokyo plans to do it, well, really soon. He strategies to build a pocket size robot with features of Siri. And he is ready to unveil his hybrid four-limbed Siri. Did you get the plot? It is similar to Tony Stark giving Jarvis a body!! C’mon people.

Takahashi in his own words, he wants to become “Steve Jobs of Robotics”. He aims to build smartphones in the humanoid form, more charismatic and stylish. And he is putting all his work to build world’s first humanoid smartphone.

Japan has been the centre of artificial intelligence and robotics development. Suidobashi Heavy Industries, Japan are one of the biggest names in the Robotics industries with the beast Kuratas as their poster bot. And it won’t be long that yet another brilliant robot design comes from the country. Only, this time it won’t be a fighter bot, but a friendly humanoid smartphone that would give you a nice company.

Contrary to the plot of Artificial Intelligence taming humans famously prophecized by Stephen Hawking, Takahashi believes his smart bot would be your one of the bust buddies and will not kick off any uprising.

Most of our apprehension for the AI should be credited to Terminator series. Robots getting self-awareness is also a major concern among many, but it does not deter Takahashi who plans to build a lovable Astroboy type friendly humanoid smartphone bot.

Takahashi has built several smart machines that are into the Guinness World Records, the longest distance covered by a battery-operated remote-controlled model car, the first companion robot in space, and the highest altitude for a robot to have a conversation.

But, all the research and developments aside, we still don’t know when the robots will become ubiquitous. Tomotaka Takahashi gives hope with his humanoid smartphone idea, however, there would be many concerns even if the robots suddenly start becoming available in the markets.

For all the robots, first, the manufacturers have to assure the public that their bots are safe and won’t go Terminator on them.

Second, the cost of these advanced machines would affect their density in the public domain.

Third, it would be a headache for law enforcement agencies. The fact that the case of drones with guns mounted is still controversial, robots arriving into the scene would only increase the chaos.

Tech companies and enthusiasts are giving their best efforts to create safe and cost effective robots, so now we can say without doubt that we will soon have robots in our society, but the important question should be, is humanity ready for them?

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