Gun Firing Drone Appears Legal, FAA Still Investigating



Remember the Drone Gun? The quadcopter hovering in the woods of Clinton, Connecticut and firing rounds of shots and completely legal by the way. The video posted by Hogwit on YouTube created a buzz with a handgun mounted on a drone.

It’s not just the locals that are concerned with a military type gun firing drone flying in their neighbourhood, but the police and state authorities too. Sgt. Jeremiah Dunn from the Clinton Police Department said:
Our investigators contacted the experts at the State Police firearms unit, our state’s attorney in Middlesex County. We determined that, if it’s used in the way that it’s used in that video, it does not appear to violate any current state statute.

But what if the contraption is used outside one’s own property or used as more than an engineering project. Gun firing drone might be legal, but it is definitely not a good idea. A similar kind of 3-D printed gun was made a few weeks back and its .STL files were shared on the website by another US citizen Peter Alaric.

Even the advocates of drones are not supporting the brazen use of technology and freedom. Drones can be used for various purposes such as mail delivery services of Switzerland, or Facebook’s idea of bringing the Internet to billions. And of course it’s used for surveillance by the military, but this will add to the controversy regarding usage of civilian drones.

The Police says till now nothing wrong has been done by the weapon and the weapon creator, 18 year old Austin Haughwout, but things could change if this gun firing drone goes out of bounds.

The case is still being investigated by Federal Aviation Administration to check any violation of federal rules. Legal, or not, but a gun firing drone in your backyard is definitely not safe.

Aashish Sharma

Aashish Sharma

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