PUBG Mobile Is Giving Away Free $2 Credits To Players

PUBG mobile free credits
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Popular battle royale game Player Unknown’s Battleground, commonly referred to as PUBG just won the Best Game Award in Google Play Best of 2018.

As a token of appreciation for all its fans, PUBG has announced a giveaway of in-game credits up to $2 for FREE!

The free credits are available for all Android players in the U.S. So all PUBG fans out there can head to Google Play Store to claim their free reward.

How to redeem $2 credits for free in PUBG?

To redeem your credit follow these steps:

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Head to the Best Games of 2018 section
  • Scroll down and click on “Get up to $2 off PUBG”

Here you will get your free credits which can be used for in-app purchases. These credits come with an expiry date too so make sure that you redeem your reward before that.

While purchasing an item on PUBG Mobile, you can use these credits to pay directly from Google Play Credits.

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