WhatsApp Working On ‘Dark Mode’ And ‘Swipe To Reply’ Features

WhatsApp Dark mode

WhatsApp is finally going to receive the much awaited Dark Mode on both Android and iOS devices. The next update will also bring the Swipe To Reply feature that was previously available on iOS only.

WABetaInfo spotted traces of these features in a recent beta update, but it is hidden for now. It will require several improvements before an official update is rolled out.

With the Swipe To Reply feature, Android users will be able to swipe a message to reply to, and WhatsApp will automatically load the message in the reply context.

WABetaInfo also shared a gif of how the Swipe feature works:

The Swipe gesture has been available in iOS for quite some time now, and it is far better than its counterpart that is implemented in Android — where users have to tap on the message, hold it and then type to reply.

As far as Dark Mode is concerned, we do not know yet whether it would bring a full black mode that can save energy in smartphones that sport OLED displays.

Even though WhatsApp has added plenty of features to the app recently, but it still lags behind apps like Telegram which implemented the dark mode ages ago.

Meanwhile, Facebook has also announced a dark mode for Messenger, but we haven’t heard of a release date yet.

Nevertheless, we hope that WhatsApp will soon bring other promised features like the Picture-in-Picture view and features as well.

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