This Hacked Gun Mounted Drone Shoots Bullet in Terrifying Video


The world is getting scarier each day. And I don’t mean the terrorist attacks or cyber threats or global warming, or least say alien invasion. I’m talking about us and the things around us, and “flying-toys” above us.

This is about a normal day when you look up and realize, ‘Oh there’s a drone! Cool. And It has a Machine Gun mounted over it! Run for cover people! Run!

A video was posted on YouTube last week that has created quite a buzz with more than a million views till now. The video shows a simple consumer drone in woods with a handgun strapped to it. Posted by Hogwit, it is a homemade multirotor with a semi-automatic gun mounted on it.

However, this is not something new or a difficult task. Just last week a US citizen made 3-D printed Gun and shared its .STL files on his website so that anyone could replicate it.

Check out the video:

Drones like Quadcopters are available easily in the markets and so does the Guns. And apparently, Drones and Guns do not sound like a good combination.

This news will only fuel the controversy of the misuse of drones, civilian drones like those that would be used for postal deliveries services Swiss Post or Amazon package delivery services.

Articles such how to hack a military drone are already online. These type of artillery drones are used by militaries in several countries. The same technology hovering in the neighbourhoods will definitely create uneasiness among the general public.

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