Steam Link iOS App Brings PC Gaming On iPhone, iPad And Apple TV

Steam Link iOS App

Steam Link iOS app is finally officially available on the Apple App store. The app was expected to launch in May 2018 however, due to business interests, Apple prevented its release.

According to Valve, the Steam Link app had an initial approval on the App Store. However, the Steam app conflicted with the business guidelines of the App store, which prompted Apple to prevent its release.

With the release of the Steam link app, it seems that the issue has been resolved. Unlike its Android version, the Apple version of Steam Link doesn’t allow users to purchase any items from the steam.

The app is also available on Android and Raspberry Pi.

Steam Link iOS App Mirrors PC Games

The Steam Link iOS app offers a mirroring service that lets you stream PC games to your Apple devices. Users will be able to play PC Games on iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

Users will need to have a 5GHz connection, a PC (Linux or Windows) with an active steam account and obviously an Apple Device with iOS 10 or higher, to enjoy PC gaming. If you don’t have a PC then you can also use a Mac to stream games.

You can follow these steps to connect your Apple device to your PC via the Steam link:

  • Access the Steam Link App from your Apple Device
  • Your phone will scan for a Mac or PC with Steam installed
  • Pair your Apple device and PC with a code
  • The app will conduct a bandwidth test
  • Additional drivers will be automatically downloaded

Users can play PC games on Apple via an external controller or touch-based controls. Steam also offers support for Steam Controllers on Apple devices.

The Steam Link app isn’t yet searchable on the App Store. Apple users can download it from this link instead.

Apple is currently busy in a supreme court lawsuit regarding its monopoly over the App Store. Only a few days ago, Apple was also caught lying about the battery performance in iPhones.

Amidst controversies, it’s refreshing to see Apple take a consumer-friendly stance for once in quite a while. The company has also announced its own streaming service Apple Arcade, which will allow users to download games instead of playing them. It will likely launch in the fall of 2019.

However, with Apple shifting its focus from hardware to software and subscription services, its grip on the iOS environment will likely get more tightened.

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