Meta Quest Pro Mixed Reality Headset Launched At $1500

Meta Quest Pro

Zuckerberg has finally launched Meta’s first mixed-reality headset, the Meta Quest Pro. The company announced the new VR headset during Meta Connect (the company’s annual XR event). The most significant upgrade for the Meta Quest Pro is the color passthrough cameras that allow mixed reality to work on the headset.

Other upgrades, like the pancake lenses, make the headset significantly more compact than the Quest 2. The new Touch Pro controllers have also received a significant upgrade as they are using infrared cameras for inside/out tracking instead of a halo ring. They also feature rechargeable batteries, so users won’t have to rely on AA batteries any more.

The headset will feature 10 advanced VR/MR sensors, spatial audio, 256GB storage, 12GB RAM, and a Snapdragon XR2+ processor that delivers 50% more power for better performance. Meta is also releasing a charging dock for both the headset and the touch pro controllers.

The headset features upgraded screen panels that will provide 37% greater pixels per inch. Meta Quest Pro will use LCD panels with miniLED for backlighting. These upgrades should improve the image quality and remove the grainy textures often seen on Quest 2. (edited) 

The strap for the Meta Quest Pro is also quite different from the Quest 2. Users will now be able to adjust the tightness of the strap from a dial at the end. However, users can expect third-party companies to make accessories for the Quest Pro, especially for the strap.

Meta Quest Pro Launch Price and Release Date

The Meta Quest Pro is priced at around $1500 for the complete set, which includes the controllers, charging dock, and additional accessories. Meta is also offering its new Touch Pro controllers for $300, which would also be compatible with Quest 2.

This pricing strategy differs from Meta’s previous approach of subsidizing its VR headsets to make them more affordable. According to the company, the headset targets remote workers and pro-consumers. The Meta Quest Pro will be available for pre-order today and start shipping on October 25, 2022.

Is the Meta Quest 3 coming in 2023?

Meta Quest 3 leak Everything You Need to know
Source: SadlyitsBradley

It is the company’s first mixed-reality headset that features significant upgrades but don’t reach for your wallets just yet. According to prominent leaker Bradley Lynch, Meta is currently working on Meta Quest 3, which will be a more consumer-focused VR headset.

However, the Meta Quest 3 is likely to launch in 2023. Other than that, the company is also working on two other VR headsets for future releases. Our speculation is that the company will launch a new VR headset each year. Even Bradley has agreed that the release schedule for Meta’s upcoming VR headset looks somewhat like this.


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