E3 2020: Sony Is Skipping E3, For The Second Year In A Row

Sony Is Skipping E3 2020

With the launch of PS5, 2020 is going to be a grand year for Sony. There’s already a storm of excitement flowing through media and PlayStation fans. And Sony could have spread that excitement even further by participating in E3 2020, the largest show dedicated to the video game industry. However, Sony has decided to skip E3 for the second year.

Sony skipping E3 2020 isn’t shocking for most people, because the company has done it before, in 2019. However, Sony skipped the E3 2019 because it didn’t have much to showcase in the event. No high profile games were up for release last year, and the company obviously couldn’t talk much about PS5, as it was too soon for that.

But Sony is skipping the event in 2020 because the company feels that E3 is not the right platform for what they have in mind for PS5.

“We have great respect for the ESA(Entertainment Software Association) as an organization, but we do not feel the vision of E3 2020 is the right venue for what we are focused on this year,” said Sony.

Why Is Sony Skipping E3?

There’s no denying the fact that E3 is losing its popularity. Especially after last year, when the addresses and phone numbers of the journalists who attended the event got leaked. So, that’s one reason why Sony could distance itself from the E3 event.

Now, Sony is a pretty big name in the gaming industry. So, it’s evident that the company will hold its own media events to talk about the next-gen PlayStation5. So, in no way, the company is craving for attention, as the hype for PS5 is already unparalleled.

Moreover, the floor at E3 does not come cheap. So, the company will save a lot of money by not attending E3, which is a brilliant move. Instead, Sony can focus all attention and spend all of its resources on its own media events.

And with Sony out of the equation, Microsoft will get all the limelight it needs for its Xbox event. But that doesn’t mean Microsoft is excited about E3 either.

Microsoft does attend E3, but instead of holding events at the Los Angeles convention, the company keeps its Xbox events at the Microsoft theatre. So, it’s pretty clear that like Sony, Microsoft is also slowly running away from E3. 

Via – Kotaku 

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