Call Of Duty Mobile: New ‘Free-For-All’ Event, Crescent Moon Skins & More

Call Of Duty Mobile Event ‘Free-For-All

Call of Duty Mobile Season 5, Steel Legion, kicks off with the launch of Cresent Moon festivities. The event comes with a new “Free-For-All” limited mode. Moreover, players will get a bunch of classic-themes shiny items.

The Cresent Moon event launches today on April 21. The themed items include Zero’s Sultana golden skin, the Metallic Mist RUS-79U skin, and a Crescent Moon-themed parachute, wingsuit, backpack, frag grenade and flashbang. 

The themed goods will be available for use in Multiplayer and Battle Royale mode. Activision didn’t clarify how these items will be unlocked. According to Activision’s blog, players will have to “jump in the game to learn how to get these themed goods.”

The new “Free-For-All” mode is perfect for players who want to be lone-wolf. In this mode, there will be no teammates, which means every player will be fighting without any backup. Unfortunately, this mode is limited and will only last until April 23. 

Moreover, this Call of Duty: Mobile event also brings a twist in Gun Game mode. The new COD: Mobile mode, which is called Gun Game Team Fight, will allow you to team up with other players. So, it’ll be like a DeathMatch, where you master rotating weapons to fight the opponents and emerge as the last survivor.

Finally, you can get your hands on AK-47 Jade Camo through Tenacity Game Rewards. Just head over to the events tab and complete all the tasks to earn Jade skin weaponry. Also, be quick about it because it’s only available until April 28.

Moreover, throughout Steel Legion, players can earn regular rewards by completing daily tasks and ranking up in Multiplayer and Battle Royale.

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