Drako GTE Electric Car Smokes A Tesla Model S P100D In Drag Race

Tesla Model S Killer Drako GTE Electric Car

Very few people know about this Tesla Model S killer from California but the Drako GTE electric car is taking big shots at Tesla. They recently uploaded a video showcasing a drag race featuring Drako GTE Vs Tesla Model S. They wanted to make sure they were racing with the fastest Tesla ever, so they chose the top of the line Tesla Model SP100D.

Here’s the video of the drag race. The makers of Drako GTE have confirmed that it is merely a benchmarking test and not an official drag race.

Tesla Model S Killer Drako GTE Electric Car


Unlike the bogus Top Gear drag race, the presenters made sure to put the Model S in Ludicrous Plus mode and activate launch control.

We can see in the video, the driver of the Tesla Model S is putting his car in warp mode by holding down the Ludicrous plus mode. We can also see in the dashboard of the warp mode that the Model S was being tested for the past 30 minutes.

The average charge consumption was 518 Wh/min and the battery cell temperature was also at an optimum 50 degrees. The SoC for the Tesla Model S was 74%, not exactly recommended for a drag race but still good enough.

We have previously seen that a Model 3 Standard Range Plus maintains a 100% power output between 75-100% SoC. The power output begins to go down when SoC drops to 60%.

Tesla Model S Killer Drako GTE Electric Car specs

In the Drako GTE, we can see the driver putting the car into ‘RACE’ mode with ‘MAX’ front power, although I am not really sure what that means.

After the launch preparation, the drag race begins. Initially, the Model S breezes past the Drako GTE electric car. However, Tesla falls short in the long run. The Drako GTE utilized its high power output to take over the Tesla Model S and defeat it in the long drag race.

For a short amount of time, we can also see a glimpse of the interior of the Drako GTE. It is unlike Tesla as it makes use of several physical switches and buttons combined with two digital screens, one in the center console and one on the driver dashboard.

Is Drako GTE Vs Tesla Model S Fair Competition?

The simple answer is ‘No.’ The Tesla Model S produces 783 HP and 487 ft-lb of torque. On the other hand, the Drako GTE makes 1,200 HP produced from four permanent magnet hybrid synchronous motors.

There is no information on the battery pack of the Drako GTE but we do know that the top speed of this electric car is 206 miles. Drako also has a track version of the GTE simply called GTE Track Edition. It is made of Carbon Fibre composite panels and an upgraded powertrain unit.

What do you think? Is this a Tesla Model S killer? Let us know in the comments.

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