Rivian R1T’s Rival Electric Hummer Renders Surfaces Online

Rivian R1T Rival Electric Hummer Pickup EV
Image Credit: TRICKSTA

Renders of the Rivian R1T’s Rival, Electric Hummer, have surfaced online, giving us our first look at the upcoming electric SUV. Unlike the Tesla Cybertruck, the Electric Hummer renders looks quite conventional and would please fans of the original Hummer.

Inside EVs published the renders of the upcoming electric Hummer. The design is based on the side profile of Hummer that was released by their parent company, General Motors.

Furthermore, several other creators on the internet have given their own twist to the iconic Hummer. Here’s a look at all of them.

Rivian R1T Rivals: Electric Hummer Renders Seems To Divide Fans

Rivian R1T Rival Electric Hummer Pickup Truck
Image Credit: InsideEVs

First up is the Inside EV render of the Electric Hummer. The design looks more of a redesigned Hummer, with its rounded profile that looks less-boxy and edgy than before. The front profile incorporates LED lights, which act as the badge spelling “HUMMER.”

The front bumper appears to have two hooks allowing the electric Hummer to easily pull objects, making good use of the 11,500 Nm wheel torque. The wheels take inspiration from the second-generation H2. Also, the entire electric pickup looks like a Chevy pickup from the side profile.

Comparing the design of the Electric Hummer of its rival the Rivian R1T pickup, we can definitely see some similarities. Both vehicles offer a rounded profile, which isn’t too edgy or even aggressive.

In the renders, the electric Hummer looks a little toned down compared to the original military-inspired design, which had a box-like front windshield and an edgy hood. The Rivian R1T also has a sleek design with a hood that seamlessly integrates headlights while offering minimal bodywork.

The tame-looking render of the electric Hummer shouldn’t fool you away from its monstrous 1,000 HP, but it is enough to generate a nostalgic feeling into old Hummer fans.

The other render looks more in-line with the design language of the old Hummer. This render was made by the Youtube channel TRICKSTA. It features almost the same boxy design that the Hummer was originally known for.

Rivian R1T Rival Electric Hummer Pickup Truck

The creator also made a two-door version of the Hummer. It looked more like an off-road machine with long-travel suspension and big knobby tires.

However, in my personal opinion, none of them look as futuristic or radical as the Tesla Cybertruck, but it isn’t a bad thing. Electric Hummer and Rivian have one defined set of buyers, and the Tesla Cybertruck will carve out its brand new niche as people get familiar with it.

The response of the people was mixed in both of these designs. Most Hummer fans weren’t sold on the renders presented by InsideEVs and said they prefer a more boxy design.

The general sentiment among Hummer fans is that they don’t want the classic design to change as they’re still hoping for a boxy electric Hummer. On the other hand, fans of electric cars, in general, still prefer Rivian R1T over the electric Hummer.

Lastly, fans of Cybertruck can’t find anything else more radical; therefore, they’re sticking with their bullet-proof electric truck.

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