Donald Trump: “Rigged” Google Search Is Hiding Positive News About Me

Trump News

Fake news and manipulated content are rapidly becoming prevalent in our daily life. While many common people have been subjected to appalling abuse and digital misinformation, the USA President himself has claimed to have become a target of “bad stories.” And this time, he has blamed Google. Look at the tweets and see it for yourself.

From the looks of it, the President’s claims have been originated from a right-wing site PJ Media. Apparently, the “big research” is the inspection of a single reporter who typed in Trump keyword multiple times and analyzed the results using a media bias chart.

Trump states: “The situation will be addressed!” Although we have never seen a real-life example of Trump following up after mindless tweets, it would be interesting to see what Trump administration will do about it. Are we looking for another billion dollar fine on Google, Maybeee…Maybe Not!

Funny thing is only recently we saw Twitter removing fake accounts of Trump followers. Not to mention, the Cambridge Analytica scam that involved the use of Facebook users’ data for manipulating 2016 US presidential elections.

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