Netflix Renews ‘The Umbrella Academy’ For Season 4. Story Details Teased By The Show Creator

The Umbrella Academy season 5
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A superhero television series based on the Dark Horse Comics, The Umbrella Academy, debuted on Netflix in 2019. The show follows a group of superpowered adults who were raised to be superheroes as they travel across time to save the universe.

Elliot Page, Tom Hopper, David Castaeda, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Robert Sheehan, and Aidan Gallagher are among the superheroes in The Umbrella Academy. The Umbrella Academy season 3 premiered on Netflix earlier this year, allowing audiences to see the newest chapter in their adventures.

Following the season 2 cliffhanger and introduction of the Sparrow Academy, season 3 focused on the group coming to terms with their new reality and attempting to return to their prior lifestyles. The Umbrella Academy season 3 finale left the door open for a fourth season, though Netflix has yet to say if viewers will see more of the plot.

The Umbrella Academy gets renewed for a season 4

Now, Netflix has officially renewed The Umbrella Academy for a season 4. However, fans are a little disappointed to learn that The Umbrella Academy season 4 will be its last. Netflix is yet to announce a release date. But it has been confirmed that all of the key members will return.

This means we get to see more of Elliot Page’s Viktor, David Castañeda’s Diego, Tom Hopper’s Luther, Robert Sheehan’s Klaus, Emmy Raver-Lampman’s Allison, Ritu Arya’s Lila, Aidan Gallagher’s Five, Justin H. Min’s Ben, and Colm Feore’s Reginald.

The Umbrella Academy Season 4 plot details revealed

While announcing their renewal, Netflix also shared a glimpse into what fans can expect from the series going forward. The show’s creator and showrunner, Steve Blackman, said that “the siblings are always up for a challenge.”

While he certainly couldn’t say much about the nature of the struggle they will face, he does agree that “losing their talents isn’t going to be the only strangeness in this timeline” and that Season 4 of The Umbrella Academy will feature new enemies and higher stakes. He said:

It certainly is [a lot of change.] But the siblings are always up for a challenge. This new timeline has been dictated by Hargreeves, who reprogrammed the Universe at the end of the Season 3 finale. But because of Allison’s actions, he didn’t get to finish what he started before Allison pressed the reset button.

So, the siblings losing their powers isn’t going to be the only oddity in this timeline. There are new enemies who want to see them wiped out of existence, but how do they manage without their powers? Is there even a way to get them back? The stakes have never been greater.

However, it is also not clear to what extent the plots from the Umbrella Academy comics will be adapted for this new season. Given that the comic has only been released in three volumes thus far, with the release of a fourth volume titled Sparrow Academy yet to be released. While the series has covered most of the plot from the comics, it is possible that the fourth volume will be based on an outline.

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