Rivian R1T Killer: Electric Hummer Will Launch On 5th May 2020


Rivian R1T Killer Electric Hummer has a release date. The reincarnated electric Hummer will launch on 5th May 2020, under the GMC brand. However, it will go on sale in the fall of 2021, around the same time the Tesla Cybertruck is also going to be available for purchase.

We have previously explained that General Motors will go up against the Rivian R1T electric pickup, thus making the upcoming electric Hummer a Rivian killer.

Hummer was originally a military light infantry vehicle called Humvee, which was later adapted for the road and dubbed as the Hummer H1.

Hummer H1 later evolved into Hummer H2 and then into a smaller H3 version, before finally ceasing production in 2009.

And now that the truck has been teased, it is time to see what it is all about.

Rivian R1T Killer: Electric Hummer Specs, Release Date, Competiton

GM has leaked the following specifications about the upcoming electric Hummer. It will produce 1,000 HP from an electric powertrain along with 11,500 ft-lb of torque.

Electric Hummer’s Superbowl commercial didn’t specifically mention whether the torque figure was at the wheel or at the engine.

Rivian R1T Killer Electric Hummer

The wheel torque is different than the engine torque, as it is the final rotating force which reaches to the wheel. The engine torque is the original torque produced by the powertrain before and torque multiplication by transmission or in this case a gear reduction box.

As such, the 11,500 ft-lb torque is probably Wheel torque, as even the Tesla Roadster and Karma SC2 Electric cars also claim to have 10,000 nm of wheel torque.

The electric Hummer will accelerate from 0-60 mph in under three seconds. Similar numbers are claimed by Tesla and the Rivian as well.

Furthermore, the 1,000 HP might seem like a lot for the electric Hummer, but it is kind of expected from a big electric truck. The Rivian R1T, for example, produces 750 HP.

Although the power figure for Tesla Cybertruck isn’t available, it will also likely churn out numbers in the 800-1000 HP range.

Even the payload capacity of the Electric Hummer will be in the range of 10,000 pounds. What would be interesting to see though is what extra features does an electric Hummer brings to the table?

Rivian R1T Electric Hummer Tesla Cybertruck

The electric Hummer’s main rival, the Rivian R1T has a luggage tunnel on its body, which also comes with a tank-turn feature allowing it to turn 360-degrees.

The Tesla Cybertruck comes with a strong steel exoskeleton that is bulletproof, according to Elon Musk. It also has on-board power outlets in case anyone wants to use electric tools.

Furthermore, the electric Hummer would also have to compete with the excellent battery range of Rivian R1T and Tesla Cybertruck. Both of whom have a maximum range of 400 and 500 miles respectively.

I am excited for 5th May 2020 and I hope GM brings their A-game to the table. The combined history of the Hummer brand is almost as old or even older than Tesla and Rivian, yet the chances of the electric Hummer being any competitive are slim, at least at the moment.

Yetnesh Dubey

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