“Queer As Folk” Released: Can I Watch It Online For Free?

Queer As Folk Peacock TV

Queer As Folk, the famous drama television series, is set for another interesting adaptation. This time the series is going to be released online because we are living in the internet age. Let’s talk about how you can watch ‘Queer As Folk’ online for free, if possible.

We’ll also talk about the cast of the new show and what info the Queer As Folk trailer has revealed so far.

When & Where can I stream Queer As Folk online?

Queer As Folk Reboot (2022) will premiere on the popular streaming service Peacock TV which has grabbed the exclusive streaming rights.

The drama show is set to be released on June 9, 2022. The show will air at 3:00 AM Eastern Time (12:30 PM IST).

Can I watch the ‘Queer As Folk’ Reboot for free?

Yes, you can watch Queer As Folk without paying anything. That’s because Peacock TV is running a promotional 7-day free trial offer in the areas it serves. You can subscribe to the same and continue the subscription if you like the content of Peacock TV.

What’s the show all about?

The popular LGBTQ+ drama already made rounds when its original British version was created by Russell T Davies in 1999. It was followed by an American version of the show, and now the 2022 reboot is set in New Orleans with a fresh cast.

Speaking of the Queer As Folk main cast, Devin Way is starring as Brodie, Fin Argus as Mingus, Jesse James Keitel as Ruthie, Candace Grace as Shar, Johnny Sibilly as Noah, and Ryan O’Connell as Julian.

The trailer shows a glimpse of how the characters try to get back to their lives following a bad incident at a nightclub. It will take them some time to heal and take back the control of their lives.

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