OnePlus To Launch OnePlus TV By 2019 To Compete In Smart TV Segment

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It seems like OnePlus mission statement for 2019 will be all about improvements and exciting innovations. Earlier, OnePlus co-founder revealed the company is going to ditch headphone jack in their future devices.

Now, OnePlus has just announced its entry in the Television segment with OnePlus TV that will probably be launched by next year.

In the announcement post, OnePlus founder Pete mentioned the OnePlus TV would have the same design, image quality, audio experience as found in the OnePlus flagship devices.

One of the OnePlus staff members also mentioned the OnePlus TV would improve our Digital Wellbeing. This could mean that the Television might have screen time control features as we saw in Android Pie.

The post further reads that the four major environments a person experiences each day are the home, workplace, commute, and being on-the-move.

Out of these, the home stands out as the most crucial place that can provide the benefits of intelligent connectivity. This is why OnePlus wants to “bring the home environment to the next level of intelligent connectivity.”

While the company didn’t mention the launch date, we think that this is the “new semester goal” they will talk of in the upcoming OnePlus 15th January event.

Time and time again, OnePlus has blown away all the competitors who stood in their way. So we are expecting the same for the new OnePlus TV as well.

As for the company’s smartphone line, OnePlus next flagship – OnePlus 6T is going to arrive somewhere in October, and we are not sure what the device holds, other than an in-display fingerprint scanner and a waterdrop notch.

Nevertheless, we are excited to see what new changes they would bring in their upcoming products.

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