Facebook Launches Oculus Go And Oculus TV

oculus go headset

Oculus Go

At 2018 F8 developer conference, Facebook launched Oculus Go. It’s an affordable virtual reality headset that promises to help you break free of the traditional 2D screens and level up your entertainment game.

A big selling point of Oculus Go is its price which starts at just $199 for 32GB storage. In case you spend $249, you’ll get a 64GB model. It features a 538ppi, 2560 x 1440 WQHD, fast-switch LCD screen.

For a better experience, there is built-in spatial audio and integrated microphone. The company has also put efforts into making the headset more comfortable and bring the best possible fit.

The overall experience sounds similar to Samsung’s Gear VR but being a standalone product, Oculus Go brings better usability and portability.

Oculus TV

After Oculus Go VR headset, Facebook also announced Oculus TV. It’s a new way of experiencing TV in virtual reality.

The Oculus TV app brings TV experience with partners like Netflix, ESPN, and Showtime. You can imagine it like a home theater inside your VR headset. While Hulu and Netflix were already available on Gear VR, ESPN+ and Showtime Anytime service will be launching via Oculus TV.

The company is also working to bring more native interactions with different partners like Netflix. The Oculus TV app will be launching later this month for Oculus Go.

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