Apple Watch Series 8 Could Come With Body Temperature Monitor

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Image: Apple

The Apple Watch can help you stay healthy, deliver notifications, make calls, and whatnot from your wrists. The gadget can do a lot right out of the box and countless more after you connect it to your iPhone and set it up.

Apple enthusiasts have been on the edge of their seats as the Apple Watch Series 8 is set to arrive later this year. Multiple rumors are going around regarding the new features we might see in the watch, but the most prolific one is the body temperature sensor.

The much-awaited feature

Assuming it passes Apple’s rigid standards, the Watch Series 8 will come equipped with a sensor that will detect your body’s temperature; sounds cool, no?

According to Mark Gurman’s Power On newsletter, the watch might not give you the exact reading, but it will sense an increase in body temperature and ask you to use a thermometer or see a doctor.

Gurman also revealed that the feature has yet to pass internal testing, but once it does, we could also see it incorporated in the alleged ‘rugged version of Apple Watch’ designed for athletes. Speculations of the watch having this feature have been floating around for a year but were debunked numerous times before this.

Aside from the temperature sensor, the new watch could also come in handy for ‘fertility tracking.’ The shifts in body temperature could help a person determine when they’re likely to get pregnant or menstruate.

However, it is still unclear how the company plans to add cycle-tracking capabilities to the smartwatch. Any other changes to the watch’s hardware will be minor, but we could see an improved display in the higher-end models. The Series 8 processor will perform similarly to its predecessors, and we won’t see an upgrade until at least 2023.

Health features in smartwatches

Apple has been determined to equip its smartwatch with every health feature possible for all the right reasons. Often, we hear headlines about how a smartwatch has saved lives by either warning the user or contacting emergency services.

Both tech giants, Apple and Samsung, have been competing against each other to see who will first come out with the ‘body temperature sensor’ feature, but it seems like Apple is in the lead.

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