Microsoft’s Cortana Disses Apple’s Siri in New HTC One M8 Commercial


When Microsoft officially launched its voice assistant Cortana for Windows Phone, it aimed at creating something better than what Google and Apple already had to offer. They tried to do so by combining the bests of both and adding what they were lacking.

Now when Windows Phone has arrived on HTC’s flagship device HTC One M8, Microsoft has tried to show off what it has got. They did it by highlighting the advantages of the hardware as well the Cortana.

The video starts off by with Siri singing “I feel pretty, oh, so pretty” and then greets Cortana calling HTC’s flagship ‘nice’ and ‘sleek’.

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Then Cortana boasts its features and listening to that Siri is surprised by the sound of HTC One. Cortana replies, “I have two speakers for music.” In response, Siri says, “Oh, I only have one, and I’m sitting on it.”

Watch the video here and enjoy the humor :

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