Yahoo’s Bodyprint Can Unlock Your Smartphone Using Your Ear

bodyprint yahoo biometric
bodyprint yahoo biometric


You will not need your fingerprints or the face-detection feature of your phone very soon to ensure that your tablet or smartphone is safe and secure. Now, Yahoo researchers have come up with a new concept called Bodyprint, which claims to be a lot more reliable and all it requires is that you’re using a simple touch screen phone.

It has been built by researchers Christian Holz, Senaka Buthpitiya and Marius Knaust. Bodyprint has been designed with the motive to utilize a number of different body parts as biometric markers in different cases as per the use. For instance, you have to receive a call, it’ll scan the shape of your ears and allow access or else it can also identify you from a glance at your palm, the knuckles of a fist, or your grip around the edges of the screen when you tightly grasp the device.

The developers claim that Bodyprint is much better than usual fingerprint recognition feature as the current smartphone touchscreens don’t possess sensor resolution high enough to recognize something as small as a lone fingerprint. However, the concept arose more questions of accuracy as people may have vaguely similar ears or palms. But the developers claimed that it will let access only to the right person 99.52% of times.

Although, the Yahoo researchers have tried to do something really big yet the concept doesn’t seem to be very successful or impressive. Moreover, Bodyprint isn’t the very first time when these researchers have experimented something new and weird, for Holz, back in 2012 used a Kinect to identify people standing around a surface touchscreen table based on their shoes.

We hope that Yahoo didn’t let these efforts die and keep trying to come up with something wonderful in the near future.

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