Microsoft’s Pre-Touch Technology Guesses Your Fingers’ Movement Even Before A Touch

Pre touch technology by Microsoft
Pre touch technology by Microsoft

Pre-touch technology by MicrosoftShort Bytes: Microsoft research has revealed the pre-touch technology in a video on YouTube. Using pre-touch technology, a lot of rich scopes have been shown which can enhance the user’s touch experience. Microsoft might bring this technology in its much-anticipated Surface phones.

Microsoft is exploring pre-touch sensing for the mobile interaction. This emerging modality by Microsoft can self-analyze the touch screen based on the gesture of your fingers. Apart from the gesture, it can also anticipate the grip around the outer edges of the device.

Anticipatory Pre-Touch Technique:

As shown in a video posted by Microsoft research on YouTube, when a user tries to move his fingers close to a screen playing videos, it automatically shows video options like forward, pause, play, sound etc. even before the user touched the mobile screen.

As the hand approaches near to the screen, the anticipatory technique indicates a change in the context and so the controls are shown on the screen. And, when the user moves out of the proximity, the interface recedes into the background.

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In another case, if the user holds the mobile with only one hand, then the anticipatory technique just shows the subset of the controls which can be managed single-handedly. If the user changes the holding of the mobile from one hand to another, the subset of controls is shifted over to the same side of the screen automatically.

However, if both the hands are used to hold the mobile, let’s say in landscape mode, then a richer set of option become available to the user.

In the case where a user is reading an online news when the finger approaches the screen, it automatically shows all the hyperlinks. If approached with multiple fingers, that is recognized as a different state altogether.

Beside these major interaction sets, there are more interesting interactions as well with this pre-touch technology which you can see in the video below.

Here is the interesting video from Microsoft Research on Youtube:

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