Instagram To Show Ads On IGTV And Share 55% Revenue With Creators

Instagram live badges

Instagram has announced via a blog post that it will soon introduce ads on IGTV and 55% of the revenue generated through IGTV ads will go to the creators.

The Facebook-owned company also said it will introduce “Badge” as a way for fans to donate to creators in Instagram Live videos. There are a bunch of other announcements too in the post. So let’s take a look at the highlights that were relevant to both Instagram users and creators:

Instagram TV Ads

IGTV ads will be displayed when someone taps to watch an IGTV video on in their feed. The ads will be no more than 15 seconds long. Instagram is going to test different ads and ways to represent ads for one year. The feature to skip the ads will also be introduced in this new format.

By next week, Instagram will roll out the IGTV ads for a limited number of creators and 200 business partners. It can be said that depending on the result, soon the service will be launched for a large number of creators.

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Instagram Live Badges

Just like YouTube badges, Instagram live Badges also help the creators boost their income with the help of donations made by their loyal fanbase.

These badges appear next to the name of the viewer throughout the creator’s live video. Viewers who buy the badges can be spotted easily in the comments and get access to additional features.

In times of lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic, creators are also dependent on Instagram live videos and IGTV as they are unable to make high budget videos outside as they normally did. Providing them revenue through IGTV ads and introducing badges is going to be a very favorable step for creators.

However, the roll-out of the feature is very limited as of now which can be a bit disappointing for other creators. So for now, other creators can only hope that the platform soon launches the features globally.

Brand Collabs Manager

Instagram will soon launch a “Brand Collabs Manager” that will help creators in boosting their brand and shopping-related content. The Brand Collabs Manager will also help creators find the best brand partners.

The company is also going to introduce a Live Shopping feature that allows brands and influencers to tag a product for promotion in their live videos.

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