Your Wireless Headphones Can Never Be As Good As Wired Ones, Research Concludes

Bluetooth headphones
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“It’s a new age”; “wireless is the way to go”; “style needs to be considered” — All of these arguments subside when we start comparing the audio quality of a Bluetooth headphone and a wired headphone.

The latest research from SoundGuys says Bluetooth headsets (wireless) are not even close to beating wired ones when it comes to sound quality.

For the test, the research team used Bluetooth high-def interface with an S/PDIF output for testing out the Bluetooth output of four flagship phones. They tested 24 bit as well as 16-bit files to see how each codec performed differently. After much testing, they concluded that every single Bluetooth codec had sound quality issues.

Different Auido Codec

“Not a single codec available can meet wired signal quality,” said SoundGuys in their research. They also concluded that audio lovers should avoid ACC codec “as the experience is that broken from source to source.” It means that one should avoid AirPods if looking a sound quality in a Bluetooth headset.

All of this heavy research doesn’t matter if you’re older than 24 or don’t care about sound quality at all. Apparently, most people above the age of 24 can’t even hear the little quality issues in your headset unless it’s ACC one, or has a lot of noise.

In a world where many people have open-heartedly accepted smartphones without a headphone jack, this is certainly unfortunate.

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