Microsoft: “A.I. Is The World’s Most Important Technology At The Moment”

microsoft ai
microsoft ai

microsoft aiShort Bytes: Last week, at a conference in London, a Microsoft executive made a bold statement about the current state of artificial intelligence in today’s world. Dave Coplin, Microsoft UK’s chief envisioning officer, said that AI is the key to tomorrow but we must keep an eye on the things being developed with AI’s application.

While many are still worrisome about the effects of the dangerous applications of artificial intelligence, Dave Coplin, Microsoft UK’s chief envisioning officer has labelled AI as the “most important technology that anybody on the planet is working on today.”

If we take a look at some of the latest developments being made in the tech world, AI is playing a major role by revolutionizing the businesses, healthcare, and education sectors all across the globe. Turning the latest pages, we see that AI is getting better with time and making our lives easier with Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Now.

Coplin said that all tech giants are investing their time and money in AI research. “It’s not just Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. We’re all at it because it will change everything,” he said.

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Addressing the threats posed by AI, Coplin said that we should pay more attention to the people developing AI technologies. “We’ve got to start to make some decisions about whether the right people are making these algorithms.” At the present, it’s an unchartered arena, but some rules must be made very soon.

Coplin shares the same sentiment of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates who thinks that within the next decade or two AI will become very useful in managing our lives.

On the other hand, scientists like Stephen Hawking have warned that artificially intelligent machines could become a threat to our existence if some advanced technology is developed by criminal minds.

What are your opinions regarding this endless battle of humans vs machines? Is AI the biggest technology of the recent times? Share your views in the comments below.

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