GitHub Introduces New ‘Actions’ Feature To Automate Software Development

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Image: Roland Moriz/Flickr

In an annual tech event held at San Francisco on Tuesday, GitHub announced a new feature called ‘Actions’ to make execution of codes much easier for programmers.

GitHub Actions intends to reduce the number of steps that need to be taken for code execution and automate the development workflows.

It makes use of codes packaged in a Docker container that runs on GitHub’s servers. Developers can enable triggers for events in a cascading effect that could start at the initiation of new code on testing channels.

This, in turn, would set off other ‘Actions’ related to that code and set up review periods or other administrator criteria for it. With this option, programmers will be able to build, share and run codes directly on GitHub by creating an action for a step they would like to take.

Such steps can be further connected with drag-and-drop, and the entire project can be run at a single click. All of it can be done in a space called ‘workflow.’ And each step that is taken in this workflow is called an ‘action.’

The best part about Actions is that it can be used in any language. Sam Lambert, Head of Platform at GitHub said that users could “take a single application and deploy it to five different clouds.” For now, GitHub Actions is being launched in a limited public beta version only.

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