This Engineer Made Magnetic Captain America Shield That Actually Works

hacksmith captain america electromagnet shield
hacksmith captain america electromagnet shield

Short Bytes: James Hobson, a backyard engineer who aspires to be a real life Tony Stark, has made a working prototype of Captain America’s shield. Powered by two huge electromagnets, this shield could detach/attach from an arm and one could tossed around just like the movies.

If you are a fan of Marvel’s superheroes, you might be knowing that Captain America’s shield doesn’t obey the laws of physics at all. He uses the shield to protect himself and throws it at others like a boomerang.

So, are you willing to own one or see what it’d look like in the real life?

Trying to recreate the same magic, a superfan has made a replica of Captain’s shield using electromagnets and an arm brace. This real world gizmo seems to defy the laws of physics, just like your favorite superhero goes around tossing the shield in movies.

YouTube’s The Hacksmith uses two high-powered magnets to give it a real touch and stick to the owner like the real shield.

The shield was basically built by MachinaProps and The Hacksmith added his creativity to make them magnetic. Each one of the magnets, when charged by 72 volts of electricity, can lift up to 800 pounds of weight from the ground.

Via a button on shield’s handle, it’s de-electrified and it could be tossed around easily.

He notes that there are a few downsides of his working prototypes. As magnetic force decreases exponentially over the distance, the magnets’ ability to attract metals only works over a few feet.

“You’d probably need an arc reactor just to power [them],” The Hacksmith says about the possibility of replacing Captain America’s shield completely.

Watch the video below and don’t forget to share your views in the comments.

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