‘Locke & Key’ Season 3: Best Moments And A Quick Recap Of The Netflix Original

Locke and Key Season 3 recap
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Locke & Key Season 2 set up an epic battle between the Locke family and the evil demon Dodge, who took the form of Kinsey’s boyfriend Gabe for the majority of the season. Many of the show’s most important storylines were neatly wrapped up by the end, but there were a few threads left dangling—in addition to a new formidable threat that the Lockes will undoubtedly face next season. We’ll go over some of the most important events from Locke & Key Season 2 to get you caught up and ready for the third season!

Locke & Key Season 2: A quick recap of all the major events

1. Gabe/Dodge, and Eden succeed in creating a new key

Locke & Key (2020)
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Gabe/Dodge recruited Eden (Hallea Jones), who was hit with a Whispering Iron bullet at the end of Season 1 and allowed a demon to take possession of her body. Gabe/Dodge and Eden are working together to create a new key. They are successful in making the Demon Key, forcing Uncle Dunc (who now remembers magic and knows how to make keys, but more on that later) to do it for them. The Demon Key does exactly what it says it does: it can transform anyone into a demon. Gabe/Dodge forges a small but powerful demon army with the key.

2. Uncle Duncan gets his memories back

Does Duncan Die in Locke and Key Season 2? Let's Find the Answers!
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In Season 2, it is revealed that Duncan (Aaron Ashmore) can’t remember magic because the Keepers were forced to erase Duncan’s memories as teenagers after he witnessed Rendell (Bill Heck) brutally bludgeon Lucas (Felix Mallard) to death. Using the Head Key, the Keepers erased Duncan’s memories of that fateful night, as well as all his memories of magic. Using the Plant Key, they sealed his memories in jars and hid them in the roots of a tree near the cemetery. However, before removing his memories, the Keepers had Duncan create a new key, the Memory Key, which allowed the Keepers to remember magic past the age of 18.

Moving forward, Duncan struggles with vague, barely-there memories of his past at the Keyhouse, especially when Erin Voss (Joy Tanner), Rendell’s high school girlfriend and former Keeper, stays there temporarily. Tyler and Kinsey discover Uncle Dunc’s memories and reintroduce them into his mind. But things do not go as planned. Even with the memories recovered, Duncan is unable to comprehend the existence of magic and is plagued by painful headaches and hallucinations, prompting him to lash out at the Locke children and Erin. Duncan’s memories are not fully restored until Tyler locates the Memory Key at Matheson Academy and uses it on him.

3. Dodge is Gone… But Not For Long

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In the Season 2 finale, “Cliffhanger,” Kinsey, Tyler, Duncan, and Scot (Petrice Jones) carry out their plan to permanently eliminate Gabe/Dodge. Tyler, Duncan, and Scot infiltrate Gabe’s demon headquarters in an attempt to steal the Demon Key, while Kinsey distracts Gabe/Dodge with the Angel Key. And mere moments before they could do so, they fail.

Luckily Uncle Dunc and the Locke siblings learn that Duncan can control demons because he created the Demon Key and his blood is linked to it. He orders the demon horde to pursue Dodge, allowing him to retrieve the Demon Key from the vault. Tyler then rams the Alpha Key into Dodge’s back end, killing the demon but leaving Lucas behind, Rendell’s childhood friend who was possessed by Dodge when they were teenagers.

But is Dodge really gone? Based on the Season 3 trailers, it appears that the Lockes have not seen the last of Dodge.

4. Bode introduces Nina to the magic

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Nina Locke (Darby Stanchfield), the only Locke family member who is unaware of magic, went through a difficult emotional journey last season. She briefly dated Josh Bennett (Brendan Hines), the new history teacher at Matheson Academy who moved there after the death of his wife and daughter’s mother last year. Josh becomes obsessed with solving the mystery of his ancestor’s fate, putting their blossoming relationship on hold.

Nina can also tell that her children and brother-in-law are withholding information from her, leaving her feeling painfully isolated. Bode uses the Head Key to show Nina magic at the end of Season 2, allowing her to revisit old memories of her and Rendell. He tells her that he will not let her forget, implying that he will use the Memory Key on her next season.

5. Ellie reunites with Rufus

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In Season 2, the Omega Door is briefly reopened after Eden, who has been betrayed by Gabe/Dodge, takes Josh to the caves in the hopes of forming her own demon army. This allows Ellie to exit the portal and return to the real world. She is still trapped in Dodge’s body, but the Locke children use the Identity Key to return her to her true body, and she and Rufus share a tearful reunion.

6. Here comes the newest and the biggest villain, Captain Frederick Gideon

This...does not look good”: A Sneak-Peek Into Frederick Gideon's Horrifying  Origin from 'Locke and Key' - Netflix Junkie
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And that brings us to Captain Frederick Gideon. At the end of Season 2, Eden uses the Echo Key to free Gideon in order to use him to help her open the Black Door. But, alas, he promptly throws her down the well and steals the Anywhere Key. When Eden uses the Echo key to free Gideon, it’s clear that it’s still a demon using Gideon’s body as a host.

So, who exactly is this guy?

Let us begin by telling you about his origins. This character first appeared on the show during the second season. He transported us back to colonial Massachusetts in 1775. Gideon is a former British Army Captain who terrorized the North Shore and killed anyone he suspected of being a rebel.

He and his men attacked the Key house one night in 1775 after discovering that Peter Locke was allegedly manufacturing weapons for the American army as well as stockpiling weapons for terrorists. Gideon chose to burn the Locke family to death and destroy their home after his henchmen had taken everything they could from it during a heated argument. By the looks, it appears that Captain Frederick Gideon will be back for more!

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