Netflix Unveils The Trailer For A Real-Life Rescue Operation Called Thai Cave Rescue

Thai Cave Rescue
Image: Netflix

Following Ron Howard’s recent film and MGM’s film Thirteen Live, a miniseries based on the same true story will be out now. The six-episode limited series Thai Cave Rescue is created and written by Michael Russell Gunn and Dana Ledoux Miller respectively.

Thai Cave Rescue is a docu-drama based on the remarkable real-life rescue mission of the Wild Boars boys soccer team player and coach in 2018. Thai Cave Rescue is an enlarged, dramatic version of the traumatic events of Coach Eak and the 12 players of the Wild Boars football team within the cave. It is shot fully in Thailand including on-location filming at the real Tham Luang cave.

Watch the intriguing trailer of ‘Thai Cave Rescue’

Today, Netflix unveiled the trailer for the limited series. The trailer captures the group’s fear as they were trapped in Tham Luang cave due to heavy rain. Thai Cave Rescue also includes interviews with the real boys from the football team, as well as scenes shot at their homes.

To further ensure an authentic and immersive depiction, Thai Cave Rescue’s sweeping Thai cast and crew came together in an effort to create an experience that is most faithful to the incredible real-life events. Showrunner Miller also revealed that as deeper areas of the cave could not be used for filming, the production crew scanned them with 3D LIDAR sophisticated laser technology and then reproduced Tham Luang’s internal chambers on a staging.

The series will premiere on September 22 on Netflix.

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