List Of Motorola Devices Getting Android 11 Update

motorla android 11

It’s been over three months since Android 11 came out of beta and first arrived on Google Pixel devices. Since then, several smartphone manufacturers have rolled out Android 11 on a bunch of their devices. Motorola has now joined the group by announcing a list of its smartphones that will be getting Android 11.

So check out the list below to find if you Motorola smartphone is getting Android 11 update next.

Motorola Android 11 supported device list

  1. Motorola Razr 5G
  2. Motorola Razr 2019
  3. Motorola Edge
  4. Motorola Edge+
  5. Motorola One 5G 
  6. Motorola One Action¹
  7. Motorola One Fusion
  8. Motorola One Fusion+
  9. Motorola One Hyper
  10. Motorola One Vision
  11. Moto G 5G
  12. Moto G 5G Plus
  13. Moto G Fast  
  14. Moto G Power
  15. Moto G Pro
  16. Moto G stylus
  17. Moto G9 
  18. Moto G9 Play
  19. Moto G9 Plus 
  20. Moto G9 Power
  21. Moto G8 
  22. Moto G8 Power 
  23. Lenovo K12 Note

In a blog post, Motorola confirmed that the new upgrade will come with Android 11 features such as Conversations, Chat bubbles, Device media controls, new one-time permission, and more.

Unfortunately, Motorola has refrained from sharing the Android 11 update rollout schedule. However, it said that the Android 11 rollout on Motorola devices will be “starting in the coming months.”

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Newer smartphones from Motorola as well as flagships will certainly be the first to receive the update. This will include the Motorola Razr and Motorola Edge series.

However, we can’t be too sure since there is no timeline. On top of that, a number of older Motorola smartphones are not present in the Motorola Android 11 device list. So, the list might get bigger in the future and we will keep on updating the same!

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