Instagram Was All About “Love” In The Year 2018


2018’s end is just around the corner and as a mandatory ritual, popular photo-sharing app Instagram, too, has shared its Year In Review 2018.

As per its Year In Review 2018, Instagram was seen as the platform for spreading love as the Heart Love Sticker by Arata became the most-used Giphy sticker in Instagram Stories. The Heart-eyed face filter was another most-used element in Instagram Stories.

In addition to the love-spreading spree, the Heart emoticon was the most-used emoji in the comments, over 14 billion times to be exact.

Additionally, Disney Tokyo used the maximum amount of smiling emoticon in its captions, becoming the merriest geotagged location.

Raise your hands if slime cutting and soap cutting induced the highest satisfaction in you! ASMR community on Instagram became the trending community on Instagram, showing such videos we all enjoyed. Additionally, the top Fandom community goes to BTS.

For the gaming fanatics, #Fortnite became the highest growing hashtag on the Facebook-owned app.

Whether or not Kiki loves you, we definitely loved Kiki as the #inmyfeelingschallenge was the top dance movement of year.

Among other fun trends, the top advocacy hashtags to make our voices heard were the #metoo, (1.5 million), #timesup (597K), #marchforourlives (562K).

Here is the Instagram round-up:

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