This iPhone Passcode Bypass Allows Hackers To View And Share Your Images

iPhone Passcode Hack

Tech enthusiasts trying to bypass iPhone security is not something novel. Hackers, all over the world, try to do it all the time. In response, Apple keeps improving its software to keep a tap on the new hacks.

Today, we have encountered another such hack. This iOS passcode hack apparently lets hackers to view and share private images stored on iPhone without actually getting into the phone.

Jose Rodriguez is a tech enthusiast and hobbyist iPhone hacker. This is not the first time he has been able to bypass iPhone security. He has been uploading iphone hacks and techniques for a long period. In many instances, Apple was able to come up with the fixes only after acknowledging the hacks, conducted by Rodriguez.

And now he was able to bypass iPhone security and view/share images. So how did he do it?

If you look at the video, the iOS vulnerability can be seen as part of running accessibility features on the device. He used the iPhone VoiceOver feature and the Siri assistant to access the Photo Library, open photos and send them to another device chosen by the attacker.

On October 8, Apple released iOS 12.0.1 which specifically fixed the recent two bugs discovered by Rodriguez. While the first one was the VoiceOver iOS Accessibility feature hack, another one was Quick Look feature which gave documents access to hackers.

If your iPhone or iPad is still not updated, you can check for updates via using iTunes on your desktop.

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