A 100-times Faster And 10-times Cheaper 3D Printing System Is Coming Soon

desktop metal

Short Bytes: A startup named Desktop Metal has designed a 3D Printing system which is 100 times faster and 10 times cheaper than other popular current solutions. The system also claims to be safer, more convenient, highly automated, cost-efficient and practical than the traditional machines. The company has recently gained a big investment even from big players like Google.

3D printing is a real boon to the manufacturing industry. However, in the traditionally used desktop printing systems, they either use low-quality ABS plastics or it’s a time taking and expensive process. A Massachusetts company, Desktop metal, has designed a 3D Metal Printing System which is much faster and cheaper.

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Within the last few months, the company has gained a lot of attention, total equity investments of $210 million. Even the big players like Google Ventures made investments in the company.

As per their assurance and agreement, this 3D printing will be more reliable, 100-times faster, 10-times cheaper initial costs and 20-times cheaper material costs.

There are two systems–first one is a studio system that will take care of faster and cheaper metal prototyping and the other is the production system that will take care for mass production.

Adding more to the plus points of the machine, it is more logical and practical to be kept in the office. Also because of no use of hazardous powder, it will create no health issues to the workers there. It also requires low maintenance.

3D Printing system is a big step towards prototyping. The studio system will begin this year but the production system will come into play only in 2018.

Desktop Metal System is surely a safe, simple and highly automated design and it is cost-efficient and effective compared to the traditional manufacturing style. That’s a revolution in itself.

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