Modified Tesla Model 3 Is Faster And More Efficient Than The Original

Modified Tesla Model 3

A modified Tesla Model 3 recently popped up on the internet and almost everyone is going bonkers. The modification was done by a German aftermarket part manufacturer named NOVITEC, who has a history of modifying cars from Ferrari and Lamborghini.

NOVITEC recently customized a Tesla Model 3 with body kits, ride height adjustments, new wheels and a lot more. What’s even more interesting is that the modified Tesla Model 3 has better performance and offers a better range than the original one, or so the NOVITEC claims.

Let’s take a look at probably the meanest modified Tesla Model 3 on the market and I’ll tell you whether you should do the same with your car or not.

Modified Tesla Model 3 Details

Modified Tesla Model 3 details

The first thing you’ll notice on the modified Tesla Model 3 is the use of carbon fiber body panels. Carbon fiber is present on the side skirts, the front bumper, and rear bumper, and even over the tail light.

According to NOVITEC, the shape of the carbon fiber panels has been extensively designed and tested in a wind tunnel to ensure maximum efficiency. The carbon fiber panels almost seamlessly blend with the current design language of the car and appear more like an extension of the Tesla Model 3, rather than an outright change.

The next thing to notice on the NOVITEC modified Tesla Model 3 is the 21-inch alloy wheels with Tesla branding on them. The NV2 forged alloy wheels employ a 245/30 and 295/25 rubber combination. To further bring attention towards the big alloy wheels, the ride height of the modified Tesla Model 3 has also been reduced.

Modified Tesla Model 3 launch

NOVITEC has installed the latest sports suspension. The new shocks are adjustable in height over the front and at the rear by around 40mm. NOVITEC is offering a KW aluminum coil-over suspension and a sports spring set. Both of these products are available separately for cars with rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive.

The reduced ride height has also decreased the drag coefficient of the modified Tesla Model 3. The less is the drag coefficient of a car, the easier time it has in tackling the wind at high speed. Currently, the original Model 3 has a drag coefficient of 0.23. NOVITEC claims that the new ride height has reduced the drag coefficient to offer a 7% better overall battery range than the stock Tesla Model 3.

These numbers haven’t been tested, so take them with a pinch of salt.

Additional modification options by NOVITEC include an interior theme color change. Users can change the interior accent color to any shade they want. Furthermore, NOVITEC also offers to wrap the inside of the car in either leather or Alcantara.

Race Spec Tesla Model 3

Modified Tesla Model 3 Model S

The modified Tesla Model 3 by NOVITEC isn’t the only customized Tesla out there. There’s also a race-spec Tesla Model 3 which competes in the Electric Production Car Series. The race-sped Tesla is an extensively modified Tesla Model 3 with heavyweight reduction mods, a spoiler, and a roll cage. You can check out the entire car specs here.

Should You Modify Your Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 or Tesla electric cars, in general, get better with time by over the air updates. The update is designed for Tesla’s electric cars by taking in its stock body dimensions, ride height and several other parameters. If you drastically change the dimensions or design of your Tesla Model 3 then the software updates might not work as intended.

Now if you’re going to install weight reduction mods like the ones NOVITEC offers, then there’s no harm in them. You can easily install aftermarket forged wheels, carbon fiber panels, and even spoilers. However, messing with ride height and the drag coefficient could mess up with the car’s performance.

Modified Tesla Model X and Model S

Modified Tesla Model 3 Model X

NOVITEC has also previously customed a Tesla Model X. The modified Tesla Model X gets 22-inch forged alloy wheels, carbon-ceramic brakes and a sports air suspension upgrade. The modified Tesla Model S also gets several options for suspension upgrade and also forged alloy wheels with powder gold finish.

My Take

With the ever-increasing number of Tesla electric cars on the road, the market for modifying these cars will also thrive. However, the mods on electric cars are a little different from the ones done on conventional diesel or petrol cars.

Google ‘Modify Tesla’ and you’ll see several mods dedicated to increasing the range of the electric car. The same is the case with NOVITEC as well because the company has mainly focused on improving the efficiency of Tesla Model 3.

Electric cars themselves have fewer parts to play around. A so-called ‘Electric Engine’ is only composed of a battery pack, an electric motor, and a shaft to transfer the power. Some startups are doing the retrofitting as well, but their finished products offer less value for money.

So, I guess, it’ll be quite some time before we’re able to retrofit a large battery pack from the aftermarket in our electric cars. What do guys think? Is it as fun to modify an electric car as it is to mod a conventional one?

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