Introducing iFhone 8: The Best iFhone Ever Which Is “Completely Not Redesigned”

ifhone-8-featuresShort Bytes: Apple’s iPhone 7 was launched a couple of weeks ago. It came with many new features and ditched some. But the new iFhone 8 is a great device which has the potential to take over the iPhone. It has something more to offer and things just work.

I was only a few days ago when I stopped hearing stories about the iPhone and its extinct jack. Recently, french man built the courage to destroy iDevices and Macs with a steel ball. He blamed Apple’s unreliable service as the motivation of his act.

I came across this Apple iPhone spoof which kind of presents the real picture of the iPhone. In the leaked commercial, Rony Hive, SVP of Design, calls it the iFhone 8 which is “completely (not) redesigned”. It comes with quad cameras, multiple colors, and priced at $1. And the best part is that it makes more sense than the PPAP Pineapple video.

Watch the video uploaded by Ryan Higa know more about the iFhone 8:

Important: The last time we wrote about a troll, some people took it literally and ended up drilling their iPhones. So, what you see isn’t always true.

Introducing the iBomb:

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