GTA V Modder Turns Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Into An Exploding Bomb


Short Bytes: Following the explosion incidents of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and its recall, a modder HitmanNiko has created a GTA V mod. This mod allows you to turn the standard sticky bomb into a Galaxy Note 7 that blasts on throwing. He has also shared the details to help you use the mod on PC version of GTA V.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the new bomb. It has exploded in large numbers, causing a considerable amount of damage to Samsung’s brand reputation. It has become a new laughing stock.

Instead of creating memes, modder HitmanNiko decided to go one step ahead. He has developed a hilarious mod for the hugely popular game GTA V. This mod turns the standard sticky bomb into a Galaxy Note 7 aka bomb.

You can throw Galaxy Note 7 around, blast cars, fight the police, and wreak havoc. Interestingly, just like guns and bombs, in the world of GTA V, you can buy Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on am ammunition store.

If you are interested in grabbing this mod and getting the Note 7 in your GTA V gameplay, HitmanNiko won’t disappoint you. He has shared instructions on this page, telling how to download and install this mode on GTA V’s PC version.

Here are some videos of Galaxy Note 7 bomb mod and it looks like fun:



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