Google Is Working On A Pixel Tab “Pro”

Google Is Working On A Pixel Tab "Pro"
Image: Google

Google announced the Pixel Tablet that will launch in 2023 at the Google I/O. Following the announcement, it had fans excited all over the world. However, it’s been four months, and we still do not have many details about the device.

But what if we tell you that Google plans to launch a pro variant of the Pixel Tablet? Sounds exciting, right? According to reports, Google is working on a different model of the Pixel tablet. And the reason behind it might surprise you.

Why is Google making a Pixel Tab Pro?

Google Is Working On A Pixel Tab "Pro"
Image by Sameer/Fossbytes

As it was speculated earlier, Google isn’t planning to add much power or features to the Pixel Tablet, which already looked like it will be cutting corners. Nevertheless, that’s going to change with the Pro model.

9To5Google reports that the Pixel tablet won’t have great camera features either. With limited hardware and software capabilities, it would be a replacement for the Google Nest Hub.

Since the initial announcement of Android 12L at the start of the year, Google has attempted to demonstrate how large-screen Android devices — particularly tablets — can become helpful for productivity.

Although Android tablets are out of popularity, this trend has continued to the present day, with Google announcing new tablet-specific widgets for Keep and Drive. But whatever we knew about the Pixel Tablet did not induce much confidence in us.

Thankfully, those who want the 2023 Pixel tablet to be a productivity machine rather than a Nest Hub replacement still have some hope. Google released the first beta of Android 13’s next quarterly update today.

9To5Google’s APK Insight team discovered evidence of a new Pixel device codenamed “tangorpro” inside. Some of you might know that back in May, the Pixel tablet showed up with the codename “tangor.”

The existence of “tangorpro” clearly implies that Google is working on a “Pro” variant of the Pixel tablet. Further, the report says that the only distinction between the Pixel tablet and its “Pro” counterpart is that they will not share the same rear camera sensor.

However, this “tangorpro” could possibly have some other hardware changes that include an improved display and additional RAM. Are you excited about the Pixel Tablet and its Pro variant? Do let us know in the comments

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