Your MacBook Screen Is An AirPod/Pen/Anything Metallic Holder!

MacBook AirPods

Some things are by no means sensible but by all means doable. Similarly, you can use stick AirPods to your MacBook’s screen bezel. As much as I crib about the thick bezels on my 2017 MacBook Air, this is something that makes those bezels useful.

After going through a Mashable article on the same, I thought, why stop at that? I don’t have AirPods, but I have some stuff with magnets and some more stuff that’s metal. Adding the two, I realized that a MacBook’s screen bezel is the perfect pen holder, as long as you remember to remove the pen before you shut the lid.

How Does MacBook Screen Stick AirPods To It?

AirPods on MacBook

The top bezel of your MacBook’s screen and the palm rest area on your MacBook have magnets. When your close the screen, these magnets connect and put the MacBook to sleep. However, even when the laptop is open, these magnets are working, and you can stick stuff to them. The Mashable article says sticking stuff to the palm rest area might accidentally put your MacBook to sleep.

So, the safest thing to do is to stick your AirPods to your MacBook’s screen. You can also stick a pair of scissors, a metallic pen, or a metallic pen drive (no guarantee if it wipes your data). If you use a pair of wired earphones with your MacBook, you can also stick those to the bezels.

Where’s The Limit?

Every flex has a limit, and so does this one. Scratching and accidentally leaving objects aside, there’s not much you can connect to your MacBook’s screen. For instance, I tried to stick my MagSafe charger to the screen, not the best thing you could do. There’s only so much weight it can take.

Also, be aware and remove your AirPods from your MacBook screen when you have to close the laptop. Sticking objects to your MacBook might scratch your screen bezels, so if you mind scratches, you better not do it.

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